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  • trevron73

    Cannondale trail sl4 frame has a huge gouges in the chainring area LBS says it needs replacing or repairing at cost from Cannondale -so i bit the bullet and went for a Cotic BFe LBS are gonna build her up. I am running a 100mm travel fork at the moment but will upgrade when the wife calms down (6 months i reckon) – i went with LBS recommendations , i have read lots about the soul and rocket but not too much about the Bfe .have i made the right choice for a hard core hard tail? my LBS are mostly dirt jumpers where as i ride trail centers and South downs???

    A Soul would probably have been enough, but it depends on which trail centres and how you ride them. The more hardcore, the less comfy it is with extra reinforcement to cart about all the time. If you ride more gnarly stuff then the BFe is meant to be excellent but it is specifically designed for a beating. Can you change your mind with the order?

    If you’re gouges are from chainsuck this needs addressing too as you may just ruin the next frame!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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