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  • poah

    you can update it with one of these new dampers 😐

    Ye i am considering that!

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    I recently bought a 2013 34 CTD Trail Adjust Talas from Mojo, they revalved it to the 2014 tune. Works fine for me.


    I did an FOD uplift on my mate’s Bronson last year which had the 2013 34s on and they were very divey. I have the 2014 Talas 34 CTDs on mine and they are greatly improved and very impressive. I have ridden Pikes and while I feel they have better small bump compliance, the difference doesn’t justify the change. I think you can get the 2014 damper fitted for £50 which is a must – I am sure you’ll be very happy with the improvement.

    Do you know where I can get it done?

    Hi I have a 2013 kash fox 34 ctd.

    Can you up date the damping? Is the current damper better?


    Give Mojo a call. They are the Fox importers for the UK and will be able to give you a price for a re-tune or new damper


    Think I read on mtbr that mojo are doing it.


    I had mine done recently and its a much better fork now.. Nowhere near as soft and the lockout actually works..

    well worth the money

    Loco can you do this?


    Maybe it’s me but if they’ve supplied something “unfit for purpose” ie prone to diving and blowing through its travel and no difference between C T + D, the surely should be fixed fer nowt.

    I sent Avid/SRAM whoever an email saying the same about my 2012 elixir 5 brakes….quoting magazine criticism and my LBS statements for bleeding (lots) and I got an apology and a brand new set of Avid 9s….worth a go

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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