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  • sunchaser

    Sorry if this has been covered already but, is this new style singletrack here to stay or is it a ‘temp’ measure untill the old one is fixed?

    I’m not complaining as I’m glad to have this rather than nothing at all.

    cheers 🙂

    Premier Icon Merlinman

    Temporary 😉


    It’s better than the old one ever was. They really should keep it as it is….


    By the sounds of things the old one won’t be returning in any shape, size or manner as they’ve decided to junk the 31,000 compromised accounts. So we’ll be welcoming back all and sundry and looking forward to a whole new site in the New year apparently!


    as long as they keep some of the features of this it will be good


    i’m not sure i like the forum layout, the features are a welcome change though, but i guess its all irelevant if its temporary

    Premier Icon Merlinman

    From the ST Blog

    mark says:
    December 28, 2008 at 5:33 pm

    The old site has been junked. 31k compromised accounts mean we can’t just bring the old site back up online. Singletrack will be back shortly in the new year with an all new website. Consequently there is no vulnerability to be plugged now as we have junked the whole system that had the hole.

    We are still fending off DDoS attacks even now.

    Glad to hear there will be a ‘policy shift’ at EZ. All after the fact for us though


    I liked the now dead site – it had a nice look and feel to it. Shame it wasn’t secure.

    We now have a brand new site to look forward to – can’t wait. 🙂


    I’d like to see the ‘last poster’ column replaced by the name of the thread originator though, as per the old forum. Makes it easier to pick what you want to read.


    On the plus: It’s better that when you scroll down and click on a thread, read it and click “back” to the main page it brings you back at the thread you picked, possibly halfway down the page instead of dumping you at the top.

    On the minus: I don’t like the way it automatically puts the “just replied to” thread at the top of the pile. Call me old fashioned, but i like to see fresh topics/items for sale at the top of the page. If someone else is interested in a topic/classified ad and replies to it it dosen’t mean i am and therefore i don’t necessarily want to see that thread at the top of the page. The old forum had the option of “sort by last post” for those that like it this way…..


    Would it be worth starting a new “suggestions” sub-forum (temporarily in this site, and permanantly in the new one when its arrives) containing “suggestions” for the STW forum/website/mag/shop/etc that can be considered for future inclusion. If you see a feature in the mag/web/forum that you like and would like to see more of, or have an idea for something completely new (regular columns or contributions from forum/mag regulars about their rides/experiences/kit/etc?, top gear style cycling challenges?) suggest it as a feature in the “suggestions” forum and STW staff *may* take it on board.

    Who knows, someone may suggest something completely off the cuff that revolutionises STW for ever!


    tomdebruin – Key Master
    It was going to be temporary, but actually we all quite like it. And it would be mean to take away the extra functionality that it now offers.

    It’s here to stay…

    So there….


    I think Mark still owes us a video of him eating his chamois pad from last time we were promised a new site, so I suspect this will be here for the long term.


    Yes, we get the impression that almost everyone likes the new software. Please excuse the hasty arrangement we had to do over Christmas. You can expect things to move around a bit, and get added to, but it will only get better from here. We are all for hearing suggestions, and now is a good time for them – for the moment perhaps we could see how they fit inside a single thread.

    I have reminded Mark about the chamois 🙂


    No excuses needed Tom – the fact there is something back so quickly is great (I guess it’s in your interest that the ads are back :wink:) I certainly prefer the new format, though improvements are possible – I’d have thought being able to customise it (so you can make it work like the old one if you’re a retro grouch) would be popular. The only things I can think of which haven’t been mentioned so far is to be able to select going straight to the last page of a thread – that or better yet select a specific page of a thread – and there doesn’t seem to be a preview.

    Oh, and a wider selection of smileys (as at CPF forums for example) would be nice 😀

    Can somebody remind me how many years ago it was Mark promised us we could count the weeks in single figures until the new site/forum? I have a funny feeling it’s remarkably close to my predicted 111 weeks (wasn’t quite cynical enough to suggest 1111 weeks).


    Having the whole thread as one page either as standard or as an option (show 10, 20, all messages kind of thing).
    I just prefer to have the whole thing there ready to read rather than click through a couple of pages for a popular/interesting thread.

    Oh, and a preview, definitely a preview. Being able to fix it afterwards does not help if you cannot work out how to post a picture/URL/whatever and think BBcode could be a rapper from the 80’s

    Premier Icon clareymorris

    Great to have the forum back….. well done guys iy must have been a busy ole Christmas for you. Just one thing though can we have a search facility again?

    Cheers 😀

    Premier Icon Drac

    It’s at the bottom of each forum.

    Sorry it’s not it’s at the bottom of the forum index page.


    I’m glad we’re back online in any shape or form & as already mentioned it can only improve..

    Personally I’d like to see:

    The name of the thread poster displayed (not just the latest reply)

    Date & time of thread & replies

    A post preview option (to check how my crap post is gonna look);-)

    Search option

    & a few other things that have slipped my mind

    Oh, has anybody tried posting pics yet, is it possible? (only just learnt how to do it on the old site)

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