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  • buffalobill

    Been running Rockshox Rebas on a Whyte 19 for a few years now, but been very impressed with a mate’s new Fox purchase. Its been a while since I’ve purchased new forks and they have become eye-wateringly expensive, so is it a worthwhile upgrade?

    And then while I’m on the subject, those Avid brakes are getting a bit long in the tooth, and that 9-speed could do with a 2×10 upgrade. And suddenly I’m thinking a new bike may be a better bet?

    Riding is mainly in the Chilterns with two wheels firmly on the ground.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    New bike is rarely the ‘wrong’ choice. Particularly if you can keep the current one too…

    b r

    Service your forks.
    Bin the Avid’s, buy Hope.
    2×10 will be fine for the Chilterns, plenty of walking opportunities 🙂


    br that is the ‘sensible’ answer, that is most easily explained to the wife…


    Service your fork, and talk to tuner about upgrading them (via damper upgrade or PUSH [or some such])

    Avids long in the tooth… are they not working or being temperamental?
    Then change them, if not leave well enough alone.

    Is 10 speed an upgrade or just an excuse to buy new shiney bits?
    Are you gear worn out? Then why change?

    BUT yes a new bike is never a bad thing…


    I’ve not managed to bring myself to part with a Whyte 19 yet 😳


    I’m in a similar situation but know only need to upgrade brakes and forks. If going secondhand or new it’s still better value to buy a complete bike and sell on surplus parts… or build a second bike and not tell the mrs

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