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  • 29erKeith

    scaredypants that’ll be the one, I’m fairly sure

    LOL @Cider, MB’s not that! bad, he just likes the wet bits more than you

    ciderinsport – Member

    by those who know where they’re going

    Counts you out then MB

    Wondered how long it would take……………

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    Lucien, I can’t imagine anyone would have suggested the singletrack I think your referring to. I expect it was the grassy fire break from Knightwood Oak to the gravel loop round Holidays Hill Enclosure, already a straight wide track but just not gravelled.

    This would mean potentially more cyclists passing the reptiliary. One of the main opponents to forest cycling lives there, so I’m sure his voice was heard amongst the opposition.


    Lucien, I can’t imagine anyone would have suggested the singletrack I think your referring to

    My tongue was firmly in my cheek………


    If you are in the New Forest on a Tuesday evening, there are ‘unorganised’ fun rides every week. Contact details are on this website

    Hope to see you soon 😉


    I met some guys who did the regular NF ride when I was there 2-3 year ago, great ride, friendly chaps and a nice pub with good ale at the end of it, if I remember it was organised by one of the LBS’s, they certiainly put me in touch with the group. Will be at the BBB this year, kids are now 4 & 6 so they should have great fun 😉


    I am fairly local. Have done a few rides in the forest which were ok, obviously the cheeky bits were the best. I’ve done a bit of running around the forest in various enclosures like Godshill, some nice riding potential there.

    TBH, the unwelcoming attitude mystified me. The place is designated a national park; an area specifically for outdoor leisure activities.To be slightly blunt, WTF is wrong with these people? No matter, my leisure time is spent visiting other areas where they aren’t asshats.


    That was us Nacho. Although the local bike shop sends riders our way and several great staff from that shop have ridden with us over the years, it is not affiliated in any way. It couldn’t be really, as most of our rides are a bit respectfully ‘cheeky’.

    In the 8 years I have been riding with this group, we have only been questioned by a Forestry Commission Ranger once. Note that the Verderers are not the Forestry Commission or the National Park Authority and they appear to have very different views. The Verderers are old school and biased towards equestrian and hunting. The Forestry Commission seem relaxed and to have more important agenda than stopping bikes!

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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