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  • New favourite headline
  • Premier Icon bigginge
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    I know the BBC have been taking a bit of a beating from some quarters in one of the other threads on here today but I feel they may have redeemed themselves because of this:

    A nice little low key article with an absolutely cracking headline. Quite possibly my new favourite.

    Anyone care to prove me wrong?

    Premier Icon redthunder
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    How cool is that!

    Very niche ūüėČ

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin
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    What a strange, poorly written article.

    Questions with no definition.

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    Weird ‚Äď as a sub-editor in a former life, wasn‚Äôt that impressed with the headline! Being an old fart, I can only assume it‚Äôs a pun on a song I‚Äôve never heard.

    I‚Äôm sure STW can do better. ūüôā

    Premier Icon leffeboy
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    i wish i hadn’t clicked on that really

    Premier Icon reeksy
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    Having been taught to write web headers in five words or fewer I shuddered when I saw that.

    My favourite is still one I saw in the Northern Territory on a news board:
    Cops find ‚Äėfighting‚Äô couple shagging

    Pure class.

    Premier Icon thestabiliser
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    In our heid our acne arachnid gets knock kneed and drops deid.

    Don’t clap leave money on the way out.

    Premier Icon andrewh
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    0.3mm can’t be right can it? You’d be able to feel/see them at that size?
    I usually work in inches but even I can see that seems a bit off!

    Premier Icon WorldClassAccident
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    Fake new ‚Äď Exfoliate, moisturise and SPF every day are the standard in most people‚Äôs skincare routine.

    At least it is fake new for the men I know

    Premier Icon frankconway
    Full Member

    Alternative facial?

    Premier Icon ernielynch
    Free Member

    You’d be able to feel/see them at that size?

    Nah, they are deep in the pores of your face and only come out when you are asleep.

    Ultraviolet light kills them so they can’t afford to be out when you are up and about.

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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