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  • New everyday wear boots. What would you recommend?
  • I’m after a new pair of warm winter boots for everyday use; something to wear while touristing in the cities, family walk in the wood or on the beach, and a warm and comfy place for my feetsies after surfing or riding bikes in the rain.

    Previously I’ve had Uggs (leather ones, not those unsupported sheepskin abominations), toasty eVent-lined Rohans and Rockports marketed for outdoor use (not the more fashionable shoes/boots).

    Definitely prefer to vote with my wallet and get something more eco-friendly and/or Fairtrade, which is why I haven’t bought the Nike Manoas that actually look pretty good.

    Does the STW hive-mind have any recommendations?

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    I have a pair of Vans MTE boots which I love and have my eye on a pair of Vans MTE Ultraranges.

    Certainly worth a look.


    just this minute looking for something similar myself.

    these look suitable for me.

    Premier Icon duckman

    redwing moc toes boots. Indestructable, which at the price they should be.

    Have been wearing Clarks GTX (Chukka style) boots for 2 years now, and they’ve coped admirably with everything – from what you describe to a  (summer) mountain ascent.  Even autumn dog-walks in long wet grass and leaves, they keep feet perfectly dry and warm.  After two years they are still going strong.  Feel like warm slippers yet sturdy underfoot.  Ot nad for a local Freecycle bargain!  Also have some Clarks shoes that give similar comfort.  I keep them in the cupboard for when nothing else will do for a planned long day on feet.

    Not sure if the boots are discontinued but I’ll have a look.

    Have a browse in yr nearest Clarks?  Also, if you have an Elts shop nearby maybe go and try some of those out?

    Also highly recommend Lowa Renegade, but those are more of an outdoorsey full-on walking boot.

    Disclaimer:  I’m certainly not Stylish, not by a long shot, so only recommending on comfort and function!

    *Edit, seems the Clarks (Rampart Mid GTX) are discontinued.

    Story of my life.  May be worth looking around Ebay for unused/unboxed ones (also to self) as whatamigonnadoo when these ones wear out?

    *Edit – Yep, just search ‘Clarks Rampart’ via Ebay, there are quite a few sizes and variations available new.


    Premier Icon hatter

    +1 For Redwings, have Moc Toes and Beckmans, smart enough for meetings, but warm, grippy and comfy in grim weather, and be resoled and will stay looking good almost indefinitely if you look after them.

    Bloody expensive though and the leather soled ones do feel like they’re trying to kill you for about the first 2 months before they bed in (then they’re lovely), the crepe soled ones are much more forgiving in that respect.

    Sorel Madson might fit the bill.

    I’ll recommend William Lennon, absolutely love mine.

    Traditionally handmade in England, bespoke and with plenty of customisations available at decent honest prices..

    Mine are based on 78N’s

    About William Lennon & Co Ltd

    See this Instagram photo by @72slowback

    Wearing in nicely.

    See this Instagram photo by @72slowback

    Premier Icon rone

    Panama Jack.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Ah, boots…..what a great question!

    GQ magazine has all the advice you  need. Note the scruffiest looking pair in their gallery costs 985 quid.

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    to add my personal preference, I will always go with Meindl, for the simple reason that they do a couple of models with wide or comfort fit. I have a pair of Guffert GTX. they fit beautifully, and have spent the last three years being worn pretty much daily throughout the year for dog walking on tracks and moorland, game shooting/beating, and deer stalking. They are just starting to show wear on the outside edge of the soles, but are waterproof enough to stnd in water.



    There’s options! Thanks all.

    Definitely liking the look of the Sorels and the Lenons. Vans are always a good shout, although I currently own too many pairs(!) and seem to go through the heels very quickly…

    I’ll do some more in-depth researching later. Cheers!


    Docs the UK made ones..

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Some folk wear boots every day? You live and learn.

    Alico.  Old school hiking boots, choice of lower or higher.  Any colour you want as lonfpg as it is brown.  An absolute bargain.  Cheaper than Iowa, asolo, zamberkan etc and as good if not better quality.

    Premier Icon supercarp

    Second William Lennon, got mine last year I chose the leathers and went for a commando sole. A match for redwing boots and completely handmade in England. Great customer service.

    Premier Icon burko73

    Ive got some redwing chukkas which are really nice and the leather quality is amazing. Problem is they smell bad when they get wet. Unlike other leather shoes I have the redwings have some fabric liner sewn in which may be doesn’t help.

    Other thanthat theyre great boots, very wearable and comfy and feel like they’ll last for yrs.

    just bought some cedar shoe trees to make sure I dry them out between wears.

    Premier Icon bruk

    I swear by Blundstones. Been wearing them for years. I spend most of my day on my feet and they are really comfy and last and last.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Some folk wear boots every day? You live and learn.

    All day every day pretty much. Helps my slightly cantakerous ankles.

    Currently DM 2976 Chelsea Boots for work. Will probably go back to Blundstones when the DMs finally wear out – Blundstones are great boots, plus they had an awesome advert in the good old days of print media.

    Premier Icon sirromj

    I love these, so comfortable but also absolutely sure footed every step, I’ve never tripped up once wearing these even when totally wankered.

    I love these, so comfortable but also absolutely sure footed every step, I’ve never tripped up once wearing these even when totally wankered.

    I had some like that but never wore them after I was sacked from the circus.  😉

    Premier Icon frankconway

    @sirromj ^^^^you would have to be totally wankered to even think about buying those hideous objects – let alone wearing them.

    Only a personal view; we clearly have different views about class/style/fashion; age may also have a bearing.

    Carry on………….

    FWIW, my everyday boots (when actually going to office/meetings rather than WFH) are Dubarry Kerry.

    Bespoke Oxfords for client facing days.

    Premier Icon TheDTs

    Timberland 9” in brown leather. Mine are 10 years at least. Not sure I would want a flat leather sole on my boots.

    Premier Icon senor j

    Doctor Martens Industrial.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    I have Colombia Davenport boots which are fine with a good footbed in. A bit narrow for wider feet I’m learning but not daft.

    Looking them up I found the Irvington which looks possibly wider / rounder.

    As others have said, Blunnies are ace. Had mine for about 2 years. Great quality boot.


    I love these, so comfortable but also absolutely sure footed every step, I’ve never tripped up once wearing these even when totally wankered.

    Crikey. In that case there’s this pair from the link Scapegoat posted that have your name all over them. They got the name right…

    Premier Icon chakaping

    @sirromj are you actually a character in a 1990s sci-fi movie?

    Come on, you can tell us.


    I’ve timberlands going on 8 years old, Clarks Lord Montacute, William lennon rufflander steelies for work, some alt berg sneekers, and some rogue raggies. And all are great. And all worn daily. Don’t wear much other than boots. My advice is, don’t cheap out, look after them and try on a few pairs.


    And all worn daily.

    You change your footwear 5 times a day? Or do you have 10 feet?

    Premier Icon Caher

    I’ve got a pair of Clarks Lord Montacute and they’re excellent, wore them in Finland when -35 and they were still toasty. And smart too.

    Premier Icon frogstomp

    Recently picked up some Teva Arrowood Lux Mids (£50 on Sport Pursuit).. light, comfy and seem to bridge the gap between casual / technical nicely.


    Cotswold Bredon boots from Go Outdoors. Goretex style lining .Look a bit like DMs, very comfy.

    My advice is, don’t cheap out, look after them and try on a few pairs.

    As someone with skinny feet, that’s sound advice.

    Enough to be looking at tho. Cheers!

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