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  • slowjo

    Finally finished my CX project which came in quite a lot under budget.

    Frame, forks and chainset at £340 from Zepnat
    Wheels £110 from Planet X
    Tyres – Small Block 8s at a tenner a pop from Chain Reaction
    FSA Orbit Headset – bought ages ago – I was going to put it on my Superlight but I cleaned and greased the old one up and it is fine now.
    Everything else from my parts bin or STW Classifieds
    Total build cost <£600

    Oh yes, no jokes about it being a gate please! You are only jealous because you aren’t tall enough to ride a full sized bike 😉

    I haven’t ridden it yet so the stack height etc will be sorted when I can get out.

    P1000902 by gouldjpg, on Flickr

    Premier Icon geoffj

    You should have spent some of the underspend on some pedals 😉

    Looks great, and perfect for the current conditions

    Premier Icon PeteG55

    I’d be interested to see how those Fulcrums hold up in cross use. Nice winter bike though. Looks about right size to me, 60?


    It is a 62.

    I thought they’d be worth a go at that price, if they aren’t up to the job I’ll get something tougher and use them on my normal road bike.

    Fulcrum do a Racing 7 CX and apparently, the only difference is a better seal on the hubs. We’ll see!

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Nice (though like a gate 😀 ).

    I 90% built my SS cross bike yesterady while the missus and baby were sleeping.

    Just need some bar tape and will then tighten up all the bolts before a christmas-time shakedown run.


    I’ve been using Campagnolo Neutrons offroad for the last year and a half and they’re fine. Looks quite nice ;o)


    nice job how tall are you i am after building one but not sure size wise

    what does it weigh


    I am 6 foot 4 (well a gnat’s under).

    The TT length is the same as my road bike and all the basic measurements are the same but strangely it feels longer.


    i am 6ft 4 wasnt sure wht size to get ill have to try and sit on a couple


    I’m 6’5″ and mine’s a 60cm which is about the same as my road bikes (60-62 usually) and about 1cm shorter in the top tube (and 4cm shorter on the stem but my road bike is very long)

    My 62cm JTS, taken a couple of hours ago:

    ****-hat wasn’t included:

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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