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  • New cities, which one are you happy about?
  • Premier Icon footflaps
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    Yesterday I lived in one of Britain’s 25 most deprived towns, today I have been promoted to living in one of Britain’s top 10 deprived cities. Ain’t that marvellous.

    You must be overjoyed to be rising so fast in society!

    Thank the Lord for trickle down economics.

    Premier Icon finephilly
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    Any benefit Wrexham can get from becoming a city will be well received.

    Premier Icon jamesoz
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    Reading misses out again. At least it can still call itself the largest town in Britain

    Oh well, it‚Äôll serve them right for putting ‚Äėcity centre‚Äô on the busses.

    The best thing about Reading is it not being Slough.

    Premier Icon BigJohn
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    Back in the 1960s we (in Stafford) had the distinction of having within the borough boundaries (I guess that means something to the councillor class) both the smallest town (Penkridge, or was it Eccleshall) and the largest village (Gnosall). Nobody ever gave a ****.

    Premier Icon Caher
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    Except it isn’t. According to THIS it’s smaller than Northampton, which is still a town

    Having lived in both Reading is bigger and far richer.

    Premier Icon stevextc
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    Funny thing, one local paper with a survey saying 74% of Guildford’s residents did not want it to be a city and another local paper claiming it’s some sort of travesty Guildford missed out?

    Premier Icon Waderider
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    I grew up in Bangor NI. The town centre has lost all vibrancy and is just a dormitory town for Belfast. I’ve visited hamlets that are more city like. What a load of old tosh.

    Premier Icon DickBarton
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    Personally I think it is a bad move but from what I’ve seen after my town became a city it means everything becomes more expensive (rates, taxes, etc) for visitors and business owners, services decline and the High Street gets boarded up (which has been happening long before covid and the economic downturn).
    The local council have visions of grandeur and subsequently spend all on trinkets and then have no money to maintain (never mind improve).
    However, I’m sure for ever kind of view of mine there are plenty opposite and more positive ones…but it will be shown soon enough if it was good or bad.

    Premier Icon csb
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    It reckons Bristol is bigger than Manchester, which it clearly isn’t.

    Don’t confuse the Local Authority area i.e Mancester City Council, with the conurbation (which is the urban area spread across multiple authorities).

    What people associate as the ‚Äėcity‚Äô has nothing to do with those population rankings.

    Premier Icon caitlin555
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    Never personally visited Milton Keynes but would like to one day, where are nice places to go there?

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