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  • New car electric issues… ongoing. What Next?
  • Premier Icon renton
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    We bought my wife a new car last June from Seat, a little Ibiza.

    Two months into owning the Sat Nav stopped working along with other issues such as blank screens an no sound.

    A new unit was placed on order under warranty and we waited for that to arrive nearly 4 months. It arrived in January and was fitted. We were told all issues were sorted. Literally a week after fitting we started having similar issues, no sound, no screen and this time its not remembering any settings. As an example we turn off hand gesturing as its a pain, you can turn the car off, leave it for half hour and turn the car back on and the hand gesture is back on!!

    Its been in to SEAT at least four times for the issue in the year we have had the car, the last time was last week where they apparently done a massive software update and everything was cured. The following morning it was back into playing up again.

    We have lost faith in the car and SEAT now. Its not the experience you want when buying a new car.

    What can we do now?? Do we have options to reject the car or other avenues?

    Car is just one year old and covered 5500 miles from new. Issues started within two months of ownership?

    Premier Icon airvent
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    Sounds like pretty much every new car these days unfortunately.

    No advice other than perhaps they could offer to purchase you a Garmin type standalone GPS instead?

    You might be able to reject the car if you have written evidence of communication with the seller showing it has needed to go back several times for repair unsuccessfully but not sure how this works given the value of a car well exceeds the small claims court, so you’d have to pay to bring a case I think.

    The other thing is if you reject is successfully you’ll have the cost of the use you’ve had out of it deduced which may be quite steep given the depreciation on a new car, and anything you would replace it with will be on a long wait list and potentially quite a bit more expensive now.

    Premier Icon fossy
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    I’d be rejecting it if you can as many of the car systems run through the screen. Blooming useless without it.

    They certainly do on my 20 year old Nissan Pimera – heating, nav, radio, maintenance etc etc.

    Premier Icon seriousrikk
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    Is the car an actual purchase, or a PCP lease thing?

    I’m sure there is plenty of recourse you have, start with SEAT UK customer service detailing all the issues and how patient you have been so far.

    Premier Icon julians
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    try a different SEAT dealer?

    Premier Icon solamanda
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    Didn’t you post about this earlier in the year? I seem to recall one set of people advising to reject the car, and others saying be more reasonable (that clearly hasn’t worked). I would be going down the avenue of rejecting the car. Did you take out finance or pay any of the balance with a credit card? The finance company are jointly responsible, so they can help under their section 75 responsibilities.

    Premier Icon TheGingerOne
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    Take it to a different Seat dealer and see how much they would give you to buy it. If there are still shortages in new cars, they might gladly buy a 1 year old car for a good price. Then run somewhere else quickly 😀

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