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  • ChunkyMTB

    1×10 with a NW chainring


    I’d go XT personally for gears and brakes (from Germany). I ride 1×10, shadow plus mech. Shame fox don’t make the RC2 damper any more, it really is excellent. Much as I like fox stuffs, I’d be tempted to look around if buying new now. I’m not a fan of the CTD and the prices are crazy. I like mavic wheels but they don’t seem to have any 650b yet. Prob pro2/arch ex. Reverb, some nice easton haven bars and stem. Hans dampf or rubber queens.


    To distract myself from house-selling hell I am planning a new addition to my bike shed… I have an anodised orange Turner Burner frame on order and want to build it up as a light but tough little trail bike. I’m a pretty light rider but love riding up in the Peaks, Scotland etc and it’ll need to survive Moab this October!

    So, I am thinking a 2 x 10/11 group set – maybe xt or maybe a bit sexier. Probably Fox 34 140 forks (or anything better?). And what wheels…?

    Obviously budget constraints will mean that some of this is possible / some isn’t, but it’s good to dream right???!

    Any ideas?!

    Premier Icon Wookster

    XT is a good shout, though I like SRAM shifting Sao on the 2×10 but won’t run avid brakes!! Are you going with a dropper??

    Do you need the 34 stantions? You can save a bit there if not…..oh and you’ll need some ENVE carbon wheels on DT Swiss 240 ceramic hubs……. 😈


    Well, I’m on a 5 Spot just now and fancy a Burner. With the proviso that I’m a 6ft bloke who descends quite hard and will carry a little extra weight up to allow a little extra speed going down, if it was me I’d go with:
    150 or 160mm forks (34s or the new Pikes maybe, probably 34s to open up the possibility of the Avalanche cartridge upgrade)
    2×10 with a proper granny ring.
    Light Bicycle co carbon rims on Hope or DT hubs
    XTR shifters
    XT mechs, XTR maybe for bling factor, definately the clutch option.
    Whatever your favourite brakes are
    Your pref in dropper post
    Nice wide Carbon bar on a short stem.

    On the gearing, many people can get by with 1×10 but it’ll always be a compromise unless you only ride fairly flat places or are very fit. I often consider going 1×10, possibly with one of those General Lee cassette adapters that gives you up to a 42t sprocket with 10 speed, but it’ll always be a compromise, losing both low and high gears for a weight saving. I could just about get away with it too usually, but some of the local climbs remind me every time that I actually do need all the gears I have as I check for a lower gear every 30 seconds for 10 minutes, so I’d stick with 2×10, running 22/36 on the front and 11-36 on the back.


    Love the burner frame, id go XT brakes, 1×10, WTB Frequency rims on hope Pro 2 and pikes up front! tyres, ermm.

    Premier Icon gary

    What wheels? Took my new wheels out for their first spin last night – Light Bicycle rims on DT240 hubs – OMFG they are quick. They are 500g lighter than the stock wheels but still feel stiffer and track better.

    Definitely worth considering though I’ll concede that other similarly light wheels may have felt just as nice.


    Oooh, some great suggestions guys! Am thinking 2×10 is probably the right set up – I like climbing. Interested in the carbon rims too…

    Nice wide carbon bars a must plus dropper post. Probably XT brakes….

    Bike shopping – my favourite thing 🙂

    Premier Icon mattjg


    Nice wide carbon bars a must plus dropper post. Probably XT brakes….

    Doesn’t carbon restrict you to a max of 750mm? Not wide enough unless you’re a skinny lad/lass.

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