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  • Just got a frame (thanks to tom aka taka) and gonna be building up my first bike. I know about different parts and their functions etc. I don’t however, know how to do anything myself, apart from the basics like changing tyres etc. So headsets, bottom brackets, gears blablabla, I’ll be learning. Any books or anything people can recommend? Or useful websites. Cheers


    Park tool website is probably as useful a starting place as any.

    Decent tools – especially a good pair of cable cutters, a pot of grease, a pot of anti-seize and some 243 Loctite (Prittstick stylee).

    Oh and lots of good advice available on here (and plenty of crap advice).


    Sheldon browns website.


    what frame is it?

    we could all probably bicker about building it up, I’ll start it

    for example:


    tart: Chris King
    form: Crank Bros
    UK factory: Hope
    function: FSA

    ok, who’s gonna do fork?

    edit: oh and I’ll second the park site!

    Haha, it’s gonna be any old crap I can find for now, so no chris king. Got some little bits and bobs but gonna need most of it. It’s a 2007 commencal combi hydro. Think it’s a semi integrated headset I need, but have no idea what that is. Carry on….

    Oh and will these £40 bike specific tool sets be a good start. Got a big old toolset with your general tools anyway.

    That video one is good. bicycle tutor looks really useful too

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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