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  • MrSmith

    “And oh bother, I’ve just noticed Mike has removed the rear derailleur hanger from the new Love/Hate design. Looks like I’ll have to look out for a secondhand Mk.1 Love/Hate or look for something else as I wanted the option to run singlespeed but revert back to gears if it takes my fancy.”

    if you want a medium one i have one. technically it’s not for sale but seeing as it’s you jimbo.


    Another Orange/Black combo:

    Premier Icon Russell96

    Another Orange one

    and another Dialled..



    If people want t-shirts, drop me an e-mail (quoting preferred colour/size) and if there’s enough interest I’ll get onto it.

    Too lazy to send an email, but sized medium in orange/green/brown or similar earthy colours would be great. My credit card is waiting your announcement :mrgreen:


    Ooo Gary, I’m very tempted. What colour? Frame only? How much? Email in my profile.


    Thinking back, I’d like to take some credit for badgering Mike to produce the first Love/Hate’s in orange… 😉

    Mine had a hacksaw taken to the dropout to get rid of the derailleur hanger before I’d even started building it. A horrible thing to do to a brand new frame, but aesthetically necessary. I still Love that bike, the geometry is so sorted and it fits me perfectly. Same thing goes for my Morning Glory which I got to replace my ist gen Prince Albert.

    Mike, I’d love a couple of Dialled Bikes T’s, in medium, not too bothered by colour, maybe one orange, one black? Will email when I remember.


    I’d get a Tee aswell, orange/black size M please…


    It’d be rude not too:


    I’d also like a T in large. Not fussed about colour
    Shall I send an email too?


    In battleship grey

    Premier Icon pedalhead

    First bike I ever built…

    These days it’s the “family” bike…

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Another T here…

    I have one of last year’s freebies but the fit ain’t so hot and the material’s lousy. The neck could fit my butt through it (thats pretty big). But you know this already otherwise I’d be more constructive. About the T-shirt, not the size of my butt.

    Jimmy, thanks for the feedback on last year’s Ts. As mentioned, I wasn’t happy with them that’s why they ended up as freebies.

    The new ones will be premium/beefy weight rather than trendy/eco-friendly organic cotton. Have used the premium/beefy Ts before and they last a long time.

    T or 2 please. Whatever style and colour (probably 😉

    I can’t be arsed to post pics (and don’t have many) but I’ve had lots of Mike’s bikes and they’re all sweet. I’ve kept every one of them except the Mk1 PA that got replaced with Bubba’s MG, all the way from Canuckia.

    Still better bikes than I’ll ever be a rider 😉


    the dialled T i have has lasted ages. i have a bamboo t with white on black print (not a dialled T) that started cracking after 3 washes and is already out of shape. so stick with the same printer/t-shirts.

    Premier Icon simon_g

    I liked my black mk1 PA so much, I replaced with a mk3 – in orange!

    I’d be up for a t-shirt or two, med or large depending on how generous the cut is!


    I got the frame and forks offof some very nice people on here.
    The rest;
    Tech M4s (went on Intense 5.5) sdwapped with previous M4s
    XT shifters & mechs
    XT Chainset (went on intense)swapped with SLX
    Hoops with 5.1s
    Thomson stem and post
    RF Atlas bars
    Fizik gobi

    Bloomin nice spec, do you have an idea as to how much it weighs?

    Unfortunately there’s no orange frames left in my size, new stock arriving later in the year; so it’s plan B, buy an off the shelf bike – most likely a Genesis Abyss – and then when the frames are back in stock transfer them over…..


    Mike, I’d be up for a couple of Ts as well.

    Premier Icon mangoridebike

    I’d be up for a couple of tee’s as well, the dialled bikes logo would look pretty cool as a small logo in the centre of the chest I reckon.

    I’ve just read your comment re. organic cotton etc, but I was going to suggest linking up with Howies, seeing as they’re set up to print custom tees now.


    I’d be up for a couple of t’s. Medium in size. Not that bothered about coulours but nice earthy brown/green sort of thing would be good.

    Some really nice PA’s on this thread 🙂


    some lovely PAs, silentsparks and stugus’ are really nice and stugus’ picture really captures the colour of the frame well.
    Mike, chucking in with Howies would be a fantastic idea, would please the tree huggers and give a quality shirt…..I’d rather pay a bit more for something that would last.
    Bellorophon, I don’t think it’s particularly light but I’ve learnt already that (IMO) a comfortable, well maintained, sized and thought out bike pedals better than a slightly lighter one usually. My Intense has nearly the exact same spec and I was surprised that I prefered it uphill to my old supernormal! Plus I’m 14 odd stone so a pound here or there won’t make much difference.

    Howies T’s are over-rated IMO. The sizing / cut is a bit random and their quality / durability is hit and miss. I’ve got ones that have shrunk, others that stretched.

    Dunno how much you’d get them for but I’ve had better ones for what I suspect would be less.

    Always reckon Gil at is good. Our STA ones get dug in, ridden in etc and they’re still fine. Good Ts and well priced


    heres mine. i would be in for a tshirt to. small purple or black maybe?


    Be sure to mail Mike as requested please chaps.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    isn’t buying the t shirt of your bike as **** as wearing the trade team strip that goes with your road bike though?

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