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  • New boiler costs…
  • Sorry – i’m sure this has been asked many times, so feel free to point me at another thread.

    Boiler has gone in a flat we own.
    So we’re looking at a new boiler, fully fitted including system flush etc – for something like a worcester bosch greenstar 30i.
    Had a quote from British Gas, but just trying to bench mark that against what someone in the trade would charge and i think there’s a few on here.
    It’s a one bedroom flat, with two people living in it – one bath with shower over bath.

    Any thoughts. Thanks


    If it a standard out the wall flue I would charge about 2000 2200 plus Vat
    Knowing that BG had quoted I would say that that would be about half there price

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    Had a quote from British Gas, but just trying to bench mark that against what someone in the trade would charge and i think there’s a few on here.

    Let me guess, £4k to £6k depending on how gullible you looked at the time….

    Buy the boiler and get a local guy to fit?

    The 30i is around a grand.


    British gas quoted my folks just over 4k for replacement with super magic discount and super system flush with magic unicorn goo. Ended up costing £1700 using a local chap who did a great job.


    Don’t really need such a big boiler for one bathroom, that would help take some cost out.

    That price above is pretty fair I would say.

    Unfortunately what complicates things is that the flat has tenants in…and it’s December.
    We’ve got some good local guys, but their availability is an issue.

    To be fair to BG, magic unicorn goo can’t come cheap!
    The BG quote is about £700 more than one of our local guys – unfortunately i think it might be a case of beggars can’t be choosers etc.

    Looking at the BG breakdown, the cost of the boiler itself is fine – it’s the installation and then the breakdown of all the other bits that adds up.

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    We have exactly that same boiler going in next week (replacement for existing combi in a 3 bed house (2 bathrooms), no new plumbing, but adding of filter and a system flush) with a local firm who are register to give us a 10 year warranty (plus fitting Hive, which we are providing as we got it on sale) and paying £1920.

    Thanks ahsat.

    In theory BG guarantee their price, regardless of what they find.
    Knowing the flat i wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a few hidden extras that need doing.

    Getting a boiler replaced isn’t something you want to do in a hurry…

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    Aye fair enough – we are pretty confident the rest of the system is ok, just the previous owner put a cheap **** boiler in, which is costing us more to try and keep it running – most cost effective to replace. Bit shocked at some of those BG prices above though!

    The moral of the story is simple.

    If you have old boilers in rental properties do not cancel the home care boiler cover that you’ve had for years because it’s “not good value for money” (not my decision!!)

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    Just had a replacement fitted in a 2 bed terrace, had 2 quotes both within pounds of £1200 and i went for an extra of 5 years parts and labour for an extra £200, so £1400 all in with 5 years peace of mind.


    Google a company called “Boxt” – 5 star trustpilot reviews, you answer a few questions about your property etc, they ship the boiler straight to your house and have their engineer come and fit it within a couple of days – very competitively priced and comes with a Honeywell smart thermostat and a system filter


    We just sold a house and the new owners got the boiler checked and ultimately condemned. We had to pay part of the replacement costs which was a proportion of £1,500 total.

    That was a straight replacement of the existing boiler and as a situation we couldn’t have been more over a barrel


    Google a company called “Boxt”

    Thanks for that alimarsh! Might have saved us a grand right there. Our boiler started leaking last friday and the pressure dropped (been dicky for years now), got a quote of £2400 for a replacement before christmas or £1900 afterwards…think it was a velux something or other, he told me worchester bosch was rubbish and had poor output compared to this one…obviously selling the brand.


    You mentioned you had tenants ..are they at all eligible for this scheme ?
    It may have ended / be coming to an end ..but worth asking ?

    Thanks for the tip off hodgynd – unfortunately our tenants don’t quality there.

    Boxt is interesting – i’m sceptical as seems too good to be true, but there’s a thread on money saving expert and the people that have actually used them have been very happy.
    I’d much prefer to use one of our local guys, but unfortunately just going to have to take a punt on whoever can do it the quickest.

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    I just looked up Boxt (out of interest, we will still be going with the local firm we are using as we have paid the deposit). The first one it offered us was Vokèra Linea One – whatever you do, DO NOT buy this. This is what we currently have – its only 8 years old and a money pit; hence us changing it.

    Interestingly, for our house Boxt suggest the 36CDi, rather than the 30i suggested by the local firm!

    Ha! Yes – the list is lowest price first, so that Vokera does come up first for me too, but i’d always go with a WB anyway as they offer a 10yr guarantee.
    From some googling it appears that Bosch have just invested heavily in Boxt, so suspect between them they’re aiming to take over the supply and fitting market.

    We’ll, alimarsh, I think i owe you one!
    Checked out Boxt online and then spent a good deal of time on the phone with them.
    Result: boiler fitted the next day. Two fitters and boiler on site by 8am.
    Price wise about the same as my local guy would’ve done, but he wasn’t free until January…and over a grand cheaper than BG, who were the only other outfit that could’ve done it at short notice.

    Think it’s early days in the Boxt business model and they’ve apparently put millions into it, so that’s probably why they can do such quick response.
    Only time will tell how good a job they’ve done, but full bosch warranty etc and will be getting it checked over as well..

    So, alimarsh, if you’re ever riding through s.oxfordshire beers are on me!


    Glad it all worked out well mate! I’m only aware of them as they buy abit off us on the commercial side at work (I work in heating controls) but was very impressed when a guy from there talked me through it all on the domestic side – like you say they’re a new business but are really looking to shake up the traditional way the industry has worked. Looking at changing our boiler at home next year and they’ll be getting the work if we do, good to hear a first hand account of it all going well


    Also well done for actually sorting out a tenant`s boiler properly and with urgency.

    I have had somewhat different experience with a landlord sending someone round to “fix” it every other week (often not working for 2-3 days at a time) throughout winter rather than replacing the obviously **** boiler. I had a new born baby at the time as well…

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    Great news Jim

    Guess it’s a bit like LBS vs Chain reaction – Boxt are going to take a lot of boiler fitting work away from local fitters/plumbers but for now they’re only focusing on boiler installs.
    Would have preferred a local guy but had no choice and pretty impressed. We knew we had 15mm pipe that they’d have to replace to 22 and also some electrics to sort but that was all covered by fixed price. Guess when working to scale you make your profit on wholesale boiler purchases and expect to make a loss on some jobs.

    As for sorting out a tenants boiler…find it odd that so many landlords are sh1ts. End of the day it’s my flat and my boiler and happy tenants are good tenants.


    So after out boiler gave in last week we have E.on coming today to give us a quote on a new one with their pay monthly milarky.

    A quote with Boxt give me a Vokèra Vision 25c or a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25i/30i within our price range – i know nothing about boilers or which is best but does everyone go with WB for a reason?

    yes – chap on this thread has said that Vokera aren’t to be touched.

    Our boiler service bloke only fits WB and doesn’t recommend anything else, which seems to be what many others say as well – WB also come with 10yr warranty.

    Would add that Boxt also do the monthly option, but at 9%.

    We did think about doing that so there was some protection if anything went wrong (eg weren’t two grand out of pocket if it packed in after a week) – but of course the finance agreement is with a finance company rather than Boxt themselves, so that wouldn’t make any difference.

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    yes – chap lady on this thread has said that Vokera aren’t to be touched.

    As one of the few STW ladies, yes DO NOT buy the Vokera. The one we have has cost us so much in the year we have lived in the house (which is why we are replacing it). Every engineer that comes round, says ‘ohhhh….one of these, yes they keep us in the repair business’….’that will be another £240’!

    I of course meant chap in the most inclusive sense…

    Seriously though, that’s quite a wake-up to realise how easy it is to lapse into assumptions/presumptions.

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    Jim, to be honest, I’m not bothered (though does make me chuckle that it is often assumed that Tracey and CimmamonGirl are the only ladies here, as thier usernames give it away).

    Anyway, regardless glad you got sorted.

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