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  • New Bird Zero 29
  • 130 Revelations on my build.


    Over £550 with a rear axle and seatclamp, that’s only £100 short of a Solaris,

    517 for the mint green with axle and Bird seatclamp – I went and checked, ‘cos I thought £75 for axle/clamp was a bit steep. The black ano frame is an extra £25.


    Been riding mine for 5 weeks now so happy to give a bit of feedback.

    I’m 6’4″ on an XL, bought as frame only, running with:
    140 mm Revs
    Spank Oozy 345 wheels
    GX 1×11 with 170mm cranks
    XT brakes
    Aggressor 2.5 / DHF 2.5 tyres

    Firstly, the whole inquiry, demo and buying experience was a complete joy. Ben at Bird was extremely helpful and responsive with all my questions about geometry, particularly around the Reach and ETT numbers. I booked a demo and took it to Swinley (a place I personally don’t like riding on a hardtail) and was totally sold.

    I’ve been riding it on my home trails (Wilts / SW) for around 5 weeks and am so impressed with it I haven’t touched my full suss during that time. It climbs well, it descends brilliantly (Strava says its as quick as my FS). It’s stable and confidence inspiring yet fun to muck about on, it’s pretty light and the volume of the 2.5 tyres give great comfort and traction. I was concerned about the BB height but haven’t had any pedal strikes. I love it!

    I think this review sums up my thoughts on it perfectly.

    If anyone has any specific questions am happy to give a view.


    Ti version in the future (vs Cotic SodaMax and Sonder Signal Ti)? Go on….


    Had mine a couple of weeks now, on an xl. Was slightly dubious how the long low slack geo would feel, but honestly wow, what a great frame. Currently running 130mm pikes from my old HT frame, but I’ll extend it to 140mm. The bike descends really well, and the combination of head angle and big wheels just roll over everything, very stable in corners. Climbing is very good seated but I have found it harder for long climbs out the saddle, short sprints are fine. I’ll also probably reduce the crank lengths to 170mm or ever 165mm, with the low bb and long wheelbase I do find I run out of clearance on technically climbs and pedal strike has gone up but only in this aspect of use . Finally I also find the rear end a lot less harsh than my old bike, not flexy just more absorbing of bumps, which is a bonus.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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