New bike yaay. Damaged in box boo what would you do.

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  • New bike yaay. Damaged in box boo what would you do.
  • doh

    Got new bike delivered today and found 2 match head sized chips in the paint at the top of the forks. The damage was underneath the protective plastic so maybe done before shipping?. I don’t want to send it back but should i expect anything from the company I bought it from, some token gesture really free tubes or summit?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    as your entitled to send it back probably something.


    Definitely raise it. You should have received it split new imo.

    Id lay it on thick about how dissapointed you are and how you look forward to their response and what they suggest is the best way forward.

    In the end it probably doesnt matter, you’ll probably take plenty more chips from the paint. But thats your prerogative, shouldn’t come to you marked. At all.

    Premier Icon euans2

    I wouldn’t send it back but I’d certainly contact the manufacturer/supplier. The bike should be free from all defects, most manufacturers will offer some sort of compensation for such an issue.


    Save yourself a shed load of stress and hassle and get some touch-up paint. You’ll be glad you did after the first ride when you spot another chip.


    Just return the forks rather than the whole bike?

    Maybe they could send you out a new set of forks with a trimmed steerer and crown race fitted.

    Just had bike delivered with punctured inner tubes.. Told the bike shop online how it is.. 2 days later i received a new inner tube with slime (thingy) and a puncture repair kit… And i didnt even ask for it. .. Thumbs up to this kinda bike shop .. Just tell the supplier how it is.. Email some photo too .then see how it is. Theyre more likely to help.. Sorry have to mention.. Mountainbikebitz top people who works there.


    My fatbike was delivered with a large deep scratch in a rim.
    It was most likely from rub in the packaging.
    My LBS contacted Surly who offerred me a replacement rim or a bag of goodies.
    I took the bag of goodies which was a whole lot of shirts, hats, random accessories. A replacement rim would have created a significant delay. I was happy with the exchange.
    Its a mountain bike after all not an ornament.
    The rims have loads more scratches on them now.

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    Has it come from a manufacturer or a shop? I’d be inclined to let them know but not to sweat it unduly. See what their response is. It is a mountain bike, after all, but I get that one likes a new bike to be spotless.

    Premier Icon mattjg

    If it’s not of any consequence, forget about it and spend your time and energy enjoying your bike.


    Definitely raise it with supplier. Similar thing happened with my brother when he bought a Stumpjumper. Specialized sent him a paint touch up kit and authorised a credit note for about £50 at the shop he got it from which bought him a new helmet. You have nothing to lose. Just don’t worry if you don’t get a result.

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