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  • HughStew

    My Giant VT is now 9 or so years old, it’s on its last legs and I’m looking to replace it. The sort of riding I’ll do on it is 4-6 hr. rides around Black Mountains / Brecon Beacons and trips to trail centres.

    Anything over £3k is probably going to be too much. I like the idea of a 29er (not sure how much difference 650b would make over 26″). I had a try out on a mate’s Scott Genius 29 it was an L and too small for me but I liked the 29″ wheels.

    Current thoughts are that I like the look of the On One Codeine and the Enduro Comp 29er looks good value. So in the time honoured STW manner tell me why I should get the same bike as you. I’m looking for a whole bike deal rather than a frame to build up.

    As an alternative I have been reading a bit about the Kona Process (thinking of one in 134 flavour rather than 111 due to price) and really like the reasoning behind the design. Anyone here have a Kona Process 134 (I know its 650b not 29er)? How does it ride?

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    I’ve got a 153 it’s amazingly good would definitely go for a 134 with the riding your talking about maybe stick a 150 pike on the front tho !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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