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  • ebygomm

    Another Nottingham-ish resident and never felt that the place suffered from a lack of bike shops.

    Always had great service from both Evans and Freewheel in town, tend to use Evans more because it's open late and on Sundays. Now I don't work in the city centre Freewheel's not so convenient. Got a local bike shop in Hucknall that is pretty decent and friendly too.

    Plenty of other bike shops just a bit further out – Leisure Lakes (yuck), Decathlon, Sherwood Pines


    I live near Leicester, but always end up travelling to Leisure Lakes (Notts), Evans (Notts) or Internet for most of my many bike related purchases – so that tells you something about the level of decent bike shops in and around Leicester!!

    Only real options in Leicester are Julie Cycles, good size shop, fairly well stocked, wouldn't use their workshop, & Websters Cycles small shop, but good workshop & wheel build service. There is a small shop in Loughborough, but only has limited stock.

    Understand what people say about passing trade, however I very rarely buy bike stuff when passing through, i.e. when we go riding in the Peaks etc, unless I have a mechanical & need to fix it there and then. Also, will be fairly restricted to weekend trade. I prefer to make more expensive purchases closer to home for better after sales service. Hence I think being close to a high population density would be more beneficial.

    Good luck in your venture…..

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Melton Mowbray cuz I currently have to drive to Rutland Water, Notts or Leicester!

    … and if you could get a site with a patch of ground to build a test track with some good freeride stuff on it that would be an added bonus!




    …all interesting comments chaps…

    A couple of things that we want to do have already been mentioned which is good to hear, hopefully we'll be on the right track..

    Certainly difficult to know which side of Nottingham to give more attention to, I suspect we'll look at Chesterfield/Sheffield and the Amber Valley…

    Premier Icon cuckoo

    My vote is for Ambergate. Then you would get both the passing A6 traffic and A610 traffic.

    Close to major road networks for deliveries etc. and some excellent riding on the doorstep.


    IMO you should find a popular or new trail centre without a shop and open up there, opportunities for sales, repair, bike hire, cafe…

    Notts city centre is pretty tied up with evans having the corporate approach that you'd expect with added numpty factor that my friends and I have encountered when trying to get good advice:-
    "Do you have anything like this?"
    "Yes, this one which is cheaper"
    "What's the difference in quality etc"
    "um I dunno, but it's cheaper"

    Freewheel are clobbered by their indie status and city centre location therefore not having massive buying power to drive down prices, but definatly the best workshop in the area (I know people who travel from S.Yorks to use the workshop).

    There are also Bunnys bikes, Decathlon, Sherwood Pines and several road specialits shops on the periphery like Langdale lightweights.

    I think Somewhere near the good rding sights in Derbyhsire is the best bet.


    so, we should have a 2nd branch in sheffield then?

    Yes Si ! The number of people who drive out to your place from Sheffield is amazing, and that shows how far people will go for good service. Combine your good service with a Sheffield location, cycling distance of Student areas…..and a cafe… instant success

    Premier Icon Trekster

    Cafe will keep you afloat whilst biking side builds up

    that you feel happy to browse in/have a chat etc

    and then go and buy online, seen it done all the time.M&S are now encouraging it.

    How would you describe your "ideal" shop?

    Biketreks out of all the bike shops I have visited is probably my "ideal" BUT there is little I would actually buy(sorry Andy) I have done when the price is right btw, just not down there often enough.

    Also like Alpinebikes in Edin.

    I have a selection of lbs around me and a couple 30mls away that I use. They are all hampered by people using internet shops. Being unable to decide what to stock and finance. I am more of a make do type than a knowledgable bling type so maybe not being fussed helps me get by without having problems with one or other shop. With one exception!

    well, shorter repair waits…perhaps very short…are on the agenda..

    This one always gets me….I am more important than they guy who has been in for ages^^^^^^^^^talking knowledgable stuff and the bike needing service for the owner to collect or the wheel needed by someone that evening…As if workshops are just standing about waiting for you[i]to come in 😈


    An 18 bikes or similar in Sheffield could do well. It would have to be well executed to really attract enough business from the existing shops. Certainly if it went for the linked cafe angle and had a social aspect – nights rides etc it would have a chance.

    Worth searching on here for the thread about Parkwood springs as there was mention of a Steve Peat designed trail on the site (although a few years off). If the shop was located in the right place it could provide a great test ride loop possibly bike hire opportunities and be a real additional USP.


    …why would you go and buy online if you could buy from the store at a competitive price, there and then? True, many stores are now promoting the notion in order to centralise inventory etc but again, depends on the stock levels you want to carry.

    It's true, your lbs can't carry endless lines for the obvious inventory/cost of capital reasons – but ideally, if they have good stock of good, key, quality (and perhaps, contemporary) lines, that's really the best you can hope for, moreover, enough to satisfy the majority of consumers, maybe!!

    Not sure I'm with you on Biketreks, spec inner tubes at full price (no 3 for £10 options) even though the offer is direct from spec uk…charging full price because they can, hmmm.


    I live in south yorkshire and my current 'LBS' is in Rutland! No guesses to which one.Its crazy I know but those that can come up with the goods/service get my hard earned cash. (The others can go under) Seriously its sad news in these parts for propper gear and stock levels. James is closest in R/ham or Seff, but either only get my dosh when i am desperate! Look closer at this area including the 'sunny delights' of Doncaster, then come and save us!Not sure what Lincoln and Scunthorpe are like these days? These areas are all largly(ish)populated and serve many cyclists!


    One thought on the Sheffield plan. Go and have a look at LaBicicleta. They've built a reputation and store on boutique road bikes, just down the road from JEJames. There is definitely scope for an MTB equivalent.


    Thats true about Parkwood-1st phase is small though, Wharncliffe now has green light for funded development, The Peak on the doorstep… Sheffield could be a couple of years away from becoming a bit of a MTB Mecca (not that it isnt already)


    I'm surprised no-one has mentioned sssssssShokwave yet? Are they no more? They always used to be a cool shop, stocking Mountain Goat, Manitou (when Bradbury used to machine stuff with his beard in a shed….), Bontrager etc and sponsored a team with the people who went on to create AQR….


    Just make sure your not near another shop thats sells the same bikes
    you want to sell, and if so contact the manufacture to see if they would sell to you if your nearby first.
    What would be good is a small comfortable area to sit down and have a coffee and go over a brochure.
    Just make sure its a descent auto machine.


    come south young man…..Northampton is a black hole were bike shops are concerned…..I even know the perfect building/workshop which I have had my eye on just in the of chance 6 numbers come up on a saturday night hey I'll even run your workshop for you 🙂


    LOL Irish if I have 6 numbers il be riding the bike
    not selling them :mrgreen:


    SShockwave are still going strong.


    Simonm – good news on Wharncliffe, any details available on the plans? I'd be interested in finding out more and getting involved in some way


    Hi Sigma,

    Good luck with the plan, here's my 2 penneth form a man that lives almost in Nottingham City Centre and spends far too much on bikes and gear.
    Freewheel – Great advice, good workshop, good staff – too little stock & too expensive, far too expensive in fact.
    Evans – Good stock, price match – poor workshop from what i've experienced
    Leisure Lakes – Awful, ignorant staff, sometimes nip in when i'm in the area and the place has absultely no vibe at all – feels like a morgue at times

    All of the above are close to me (within a few miles) but i travel to Sherwood Pines. The reason they get my dollar is because the workshops do a good job, do great rates and do their best to price match, and i don't mind travelling for it – 25 miles btw.


    Roifer, as I know more, and things get to the stage where a volunteer group an be involved, then I'll update the website and do a cry for help on here ! As usual with FE…things take a while…


    Thanks Si I'll keep an eye out for it


    Its odd how peoples perceptions of bike shops differs, i've always found Liesure lakes to have very knowledgable staff, good stock and a very good helpful worshop. Their prices are good as well if you haggle with them and they also do an MOD discount which helps me out a bit.

    One other shop in the Amber Valley area which no one has mentioned yet is Stanley Fearns in Matlock. Its a true olde worlde style shop with probably the best workshop in the county plus Aiden there builds all my wheels for me and does a cracking job.


    Just to throw some weight behind Chesterfield, mate of mine went throught the motions of setting a shop in chesterfield and found some of the big name brands (kona springs to mind) were keen to give him their kit to sell as J E weren't promoting the bike, more interested in the kiddie/roadie kit.

    not sure whether that's changed, but I don't think J E James have the monopoly on chesterfield, just there's nothing else to compete against it in town

    Somewhere on chatsworth road would be ideal.

    Oh and my mate went down a different route and may be a chap worth chatting to as well regards bikes to stock



    woop on the Wharncliffe stuff, I to am more than happy to help out when things are ready.

    wouldn't opening an 18 in Sheffield halve the hope trade?

    Derby or Belper could do with a nice bike shop. Samways ok but not enough choice for other brands than Spesh or Trek (although I saw an advert for Cotic a while back). BikeShop (Giant franchise IIR?) in monk street aint up to much and overpriced (really really bad web site). Leisure Lakes aint bad.

    Belper really needs one, but business there seems to come and go thru the A6 (wasnt there a bike shop in belper years and years ago?)

    You can't beat Stanley Fearns in Matlock. Whether its a couple of bolts or a new bike they bend over backwards to help.

    Premier Icon 18bikes

    simonm – keep us posted too, can chat with RTP too. little while no see, how's you?

    Sheffield shop, I'd love to, would work better for me, we'll see. In the meantime- if anyone needs anything from the shop and can't make it down, I'm happy to bring things back/meet of an evening, where possible – just ask.


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