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  • New bike shop in Edinburgh
  • Premier Icon ijs445ra
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    Sorry if this has this been done?

    Opening on same street as Alpine Bikes

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    My web slow so can’t get in…looks a bit “Rafa”

    Anyone know who is behind it?

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    there was a guy handing out flyers in the pub the other night. He had his sisters jeans on, a trendy haircut and his SS/fixie was leaning against the railings…. 🙄

    Premier Icon ijs445ra
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    A google search finds a bit more on this forum

    including a sneaky pic from a familiar source.

    Does not look like any bike shop i have been in, a bit “Rafa” indeed.

    Premier Icon debaser
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    Another one opened up on Brougham Street recently… soul cycles

    Not been in but noticed it when pedaling past the other day.

    Premier Icon jimmy
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    Yah, I do culture dahling.

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