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  • New bike purchase today. Hope you like it
  • 6079smithw

    Have you crashed it already? The tubes are all bent



    Great looking bike!
    Good choice and welcome to the 650b club 😀

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Very nice. Hope you like it too 🙂 Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it and if you want to fill in some of the gaps when you are not riding it I’d be interested to hear more detailed thoughts on the other bikes that you mentioned too.

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Nice, enjoy.


    Looks good.



    Test rode several excellent bikes. Worthy of particular mention

    Whyte T129S
    Orange 5 29er
    Santa Cruz Tallboy
    Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO 29
    Cube Stereo HPC 160

    but this bike the Norco Sight Killer B-2 just felt right for a 6ft slim chap

    Maybe its the 650B wheels or maybe it was just the fact it was sunny today dunno. Amazing how bikes have come on even since my last bike purchase 6 years ago.

    “interested to hear more detailed thoughts on the other bikes that you mentioned too”

    I think the price was a big factor as it shaved a few hundred off my spend limit but also the 29er wheels on the others was not for me. Close second place was the Cube (another 650b) but triple chainrings seem pointless these days.


    triple chainrings seem pointless these days.

    Depends on what sort of riding you do! I need all my chainrings on a regular basis. I could stand on the pedals and sweat and swear to the top of steep climbs, and sometimes I do. But other times, it’s nice to sit and grind up the gradient.

    Similarly, I join up bits of singletrack on road and prefer to get the tarmac out the way as swiftly as possible.

    Horses, courses I suppose.

    EDIT: Oh, nice bike btw!


    Would love to hear what you think of it because I am trying to decide between this and a 26” sight2


    No, I hope you like it.


    Looks rite like a Giant, no bad thing


    Lovely looking bike there chap!

    I’m particularly liking your wheel size choice too! More on that later, no doubt!



    Is it important to you that people you’ve never met like it?
    Was this part of your buying rationale?
    If the response was negative would you consider changing it?
    Take the bloomin’ price ticket off!


    I’d hazzard a guess that he just wants to show his new bike off Raw-sack…In fact i’d leave the tag on just because it annoys you. 😉

    Nice bike indeed OP.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Like the colour scheme, reminds me of my mum’s 1982 Ford Fiesta.

    Norco’s trail bikes do look like they’d be fun to ride now.


    Lovely bike – the sun makes it all the better! I know the feeling of getting a new bike / bike bit and just wanting to show somebody 😀

    Rorschach – I despair. The vein of snide bitterness running through STW puts a lot of people (including me) off.


    Nice bike, is there a new trend of stashing bits of paper in the spokes and cables that I’ve missed? Please say the reflectors and the rear spoke guard thingy is going?!
    When I ordered my bike I told the lbs not to for the reflectors and the bell to save me the bother of taking them straight off when I got home. I said it’s a waste of both of our time. Lol

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    How much????

    You could get a …. Oh, hang on…


    nice bell


    Very nice ,hope the reflectors have found there way into the nearest bin.

    Premier Icon martymac

    bit shiny though, maybe you could do something about that?
    hope you enjoy it mate.


    I was choosing between this and the T129s, I chose the Whyte as Evans would not give me a proper Demo, and I got it for £1800 which was a grand cheaper than the Norco £2800 RRP. It is a lovely bike, if Evans would have given me a Demo I may well have bought it. Hope you enjoy riding it 🙂


    Toe clips? Didn’t know they still made those things.

    Nice Bike OP! Enjoy it.

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