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  • Whyte Montpellier. Apparently it is a ‘Fast Urban’ bike and not a road bike so I don’t have to have clips or Lycra! What ever it is it’s speedy! Took 20% off my commuting time today and reckon I can get that down further if I try!

    First full bike I’ve bought in a decade that I have bought ‘off the shelf’ and not built myself and very happy.

    Just needs some slightly wider carbon bars, and some different pedals, and maybe a carbon post, and, and, and…


    Nice 🙂

    Where does your commute take you ? I’m up and down the Kwinana PSP to West Perth , I’ll keep an eye out for you and say hi,that’s a pretty distinctive bike around here, given that it’s not a Pinarello 😆


    Premier Icon JoeG

    That dork disk really looks cool! 🙄

    Yellow spoke and pedal reflectors get a pass since its a commuter. 😉

    Maylands to West Perth – virtually all cycle path (only 8km ish but soooo much easier now!). Today was the first day I didn’t get overtaken by everything! (I was previously riding my Nomad with a top gear of 36:11…)

    Apologies – that photo was as it left the shop, I shall be changing the pedals and removing all extraneous weight!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    That looks ace.
    Needs more black.


    Damn straight it’s not a road bike!

    Needs more black.

    *takes marker pen to tyre logos*


    Nice hybrid


    Love those whyte hybrids, easily the near looking ones around. Fancied the Stirling from the classifieds but was too late… 🙁

    Damn. This thing is quick! So much fun! Accelerates awesomely and is super nimble.

    Only got over taken once on the ride home and over took two roadies going up a hill. The second one didnt look happy and tried to undertake and stay ahead but boy does this thing go if you stand on the pedals!

    Flat pedals, baggy shorts and a pisspot. Hehehehe.


    Have the Stirling, and yes they are quick! My commute time dropped in a big way compared with the MTB. I also ride with baggies and flats.. I do have a normal helmet tho. Fitted wider bars too and proper tires. Makes my 16km each way route nice and easy. Bar the nuts Aussie driving!


    Damn. This thing is quick! So much fun! Accelerates awesomely and is super nimble.

    Wait til you get on a proper road bike then 😛 Looks fun for commuting/general razzing around on though.


    K-town to West Perth?? As a commute? How long does that take? Do you follow the cycle path on the freeway?

    Big up the Perth crew… 6163 in da house. (Well, at work, actually)

    I was thinking of commuting but I’m Spearwood to Rockingham hospital which is a mission especially when it’s 35c+). I do go Spearwood to Cockburn central and train down to Rocko which is an OK ride)


    Apparently it is a ‘Fast Urban’ bike and not a road bike

    You’re right its not a road bike, not even close. It is a hybrid though, a nice one though.

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    If it’s your commuter bike, why would you take the reflectors off? I’d want as much help as possible in being seen.


    The commute from Maylands is good, nice path all the way, when I ride in I join the the path at the Boat club. It is starting to get hot now though. If I see you I will say hello, I will be on a yellow Blue Pig.

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