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  • So, usual things, it’s not my house, it’s not my garden/beach, I’ve got a new stem comming so hoses aren’t cut / steerer isn’t trimmed.

    I’m liking it a lot so far. It’s 35-36lbs, so about a pound heavier than my Hustler with similar build, but the Gspot climbs a lot better. I’ve got heavy tyres on just now, so it’ll drop a fair bit of weight with my normal singleply minions / advantage combo. It’s a lot of fun going down, it feels more like my STD than my Hustler. If you’re interested in the full spec and some words then it’s on my site, Cove GSpot Initial Review bear in mind that I’m in the grip of new bike love though 🙂 It’s really hard to write a bike review, no matter how basic, hats off to anyone who has to do that for their job… trying to write anything more than it goes up/down well and I like it.


    ass-hole. I have been lusting over one of these for a while, I have been thinking… keep the c456, sell the hustler and astrix and get one of those for the big days out and occasional uplift…. and you beat me to it…



    Tis a handsome beast.


    It’s a hell of a lot better looking than the previous model! 35lbs is a whole lotta weight though…

    neil, thanks 🙂 I’ve come from a Hustler, the Gspot is a different beast. Faster up and as for down… something different.

    Loddrik, that’s built up with Vans, big brakes, 823, DH tyres, saint cranks… my Hustler was only a pound lighter. I build stuff up fairly heavy because I’ve learnt that lightweight stuff just doesn’t last for me with the miles I’m doing.

    Anyone is welcome to have a spin on it if they’re out here, maybe a bit far though. I guess Basecamp bikes have a demo too, at Laggan.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Nice that, Doug. Whats the travel on it? S’pose I could look myself really… 🙂


    Been thinking about a Hustler myself…. you got an old medium lying around now that needs to come back to Scotland? 🙂

    Jimmy, it’s 150mm at the back. I don’t think it’s really a bike to think of as a 150mm trail bike though, rides like it’s packing a bigger punch if you know what I mean.

    Mark, I’ll drop you a mail. That Hustler has been through a lot though!


    That looks ace

    Cracking. Make sure you helitape those stickers!


    Is there much difference between the 2010 and 2011 model?

    welcome to the club, i picked mine up on New Years day and haven’t stopped smiling, if all goes well with a sale in the classifieds i’ll be purchasing Cane Creek Double Barrel for it on the weekend. I’ve ridden it all over the north east, Hamsterley downhill, Silton Woods, Thrunton, Chopwell and did an uplift day at Cwmcarn in South Wales its absolutely mint. Taking it to iinerliethen on Saturday can’t wait

    If i wasn’t such a knacker with IT i’d post pics of it


    vb123 – how was it at thrunton. they’re my local woods.

    I honestly don’t know if there’s much difference from 2010. There’s loads of helitape on it, I thought I’d try and keep something shiny for a bit.
    Valleyboy, it’s great isn’t it? To be honest I was feeling a bit sort of blase about it, I ride bikes a lot and was feeling a bit ‘it’s just a bike’… until I rode it. Totally blown away by how it rides.

    we did Pink Panther and Helter Skelter, up there last Saturday ground was a little bit clergy but the bike was ace, a few of my mates were on “full on” downhill bike, didn’t fell “underbiked” at all, it was faultless over all the drops and sucked up all the roots, first time i’ve ridden up there and really enjoyed it.



    i tried the gspot but didnt like it. a pound lighter than the hustler??

    jedi, the Gspot is a pound heavier. I guess you’re doing a bit different riding than I am! What didn’t you like about it?


    felt less burly than the bottlerocket ( i bought my original one from bigl who got a gspot in its place ) higher bb and longer cockpit

    the only issue i have is the seat post is an odd size, 30.0mm, can’t get a dropable seatpost


    yeah same as a bottlerocket

    Is the bottlerocket shorter than the gspot? Wow, ‘cos the gspot feels short and is slightly shorter than my hustler in top tube, and that was short. BB feels fine to me but I could never get on with a very low bb out here. I’ve never ridden a bottlerocket but considered one, test riding was never an option for me out here. What swung it for the gspot was how well I thought it would pedal based on lots of riding the STD. It’s certainly burly enough for the riding I’m doing. Horses for courses though and we’re doing pretty different riding. Glad you’re enjoying the bottlerocket, they look great.

    The seatpost is a strange one. Suits me ‘cos I don’t like posh posts but must be a problem if you’re keen on them.

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