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  • New bike day. Back to Whyte
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    Surely current stack heights are bigger due to the bottom bracket being lower on the LLS bikes.

    Whats cause and what is effect?

    Even with big wheels, big travel and little head tubes, we are often using spacers and risers to get to the height we want. So we arent getting stuck with a stack we dont want, just because the BB (where it is measured from) has got lower.

    Whether your BB is high or low, a given stack height (plus spacers and bars) and reach is going to put your body in the same angle/position regardless whether the bike is corner schralping low or peak district climb high.

    or to put it another way:

    I’ve found to get comfy on a LLS bike I’ve needed quite a high rise bar due to the front end feeling a lot lower than I’m normally use too.

    if it feels too low, thats because it is too low compared to where your feet are (BB height) or possibly where your seat is (possible slight change due to steepening seat angles, but basically related to BB height).

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    Horrible horrible noises today from the rear end, so took it apart to check bearings, oh lordy they’re bad bad bad. It’s almost a miracle the wheel moves lol.

    Need a plan there. Whether it’s new bearings or a new wheel and new bearings I dunno yet. Bit a plan will be devised.

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    Frame or wheel bearings?

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    To start with, I’ve just ordered one of these, for now it’ll go on, then once I’ve sorted the Stans S1 wheel that one will end up as a spare wheel instead.


    Frame I’ve got plenty of spare bearings

    Sadly I don’t have all the Stans so had to order a few. I may try and grease fill them as a short term fix until the wheel turns up from CRC.

    Didn’t affect the 50km ride I did today, well apart from the emotional trauma of having a noisy rear.

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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