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  • monksie

    Oooh. Lovely. That’s right up my street, that is (not literally, obviously).

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    very nice


    Kent Eriksen

    Kent Eriksen now built. Took it out on a 140km ride and it goes great. Need to change the stem, bit too short.

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    V nice.
    Can i ask,is that a compact chainset and what ratio cassette you went for? Im new to this road bike lark and undecided what to stick on my new build.Thanks.

    That is a very nice build. Looks great with low profile rims.


    Excellent choice. I’d like one of them myself. Fed up of plastic, nice to see its not got the ubiquitous 50mm rims.


    Classic Ti build, like it. I have similar with Ultegra.

    I like your cages, what are they?


    lovely, Kent’s frames always look great


    Nice and tidy but I don’t get the layback seat post with the seat all the way forward, looks wrong. Get rid of the two spacers above the stem.
    Looks very clinical, would not get noticed if leant against the wall in here:

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Lush mate. Understated but I’ll bet it goes like a rocket!! 😀


    What’s the layback seatpost for? Couldn’t you get a frame the right size?


    Layback post is the standard from Kent – he doesn’t do a straight version.

    Cages are Blackburn Chicane

    Spacers will be gone at wkend and steerer tube will be cut once im happy with stem / bar set up – still experimenting at the mo, so left spacers to allow for flexibility

    It weights 7.2kg. Could go a lot lighter if i had more $$$$$$!!

    It goes like poo off a spade!


    Hey Easygroove, I was thinking you will be cutting the steerer tube down once you find the sweet spot.
    I worded the bit about the operating theatre a bit harsh and clumsy, should have said ” wont look out of place if leant against the wall”. I am pretty sure it will be noticed in there, it sure is a stunning piece of kit.

    If the seat post doesn’t bother you then leave it, but Kent does do straight seat posts, and since he is a perfectionist I am sure that he would agree that the layback with seat so far forward doesn’t do his handy work any justice. And since you are thinking of putting a longer stem on it is clear that the seat wont be moving back. I suspect the frame was far from cheap and would expect ( even demand ) that Kent give me a straight post in exchange for the layback.
    Anyway, enjoy.

    Inline post on a road bike…..

    Nice bike, but not a huge fan of these understated ti builds as they all look a bit boring/the same.

    The seatpost looks fine to me, the saddle is set slightly forward. If it was an inline post then the saddle would be pushed all the way back so it would look much worse!

    A Longer stem will look a bit nicer aswell.


    You have used the word darkside ,so I feel you do not deserve such a nice bike.
    You must have issues with saying “ROAD BIKE” ,and obviously feel you are going to somehow betray your MTB soul ,by riding something so elegant.

    Fear not,I will set your mind (and soul) at rest,by taking it from you and leaving a set of 26″ slicks for your MTB 🙂

    Premier Icon matthewjb

    Ooh that stem is short.

    Nice looking build though.


    Needs some carbon clinchers on that baby.

    Oh, forgot to add, I just happen to have some rather special carbon clinchers for sale over on Classifieds. 😉

    Darkside, oh dear, is it not about time we all moved on from that one…..

    By the setup it looks like its too big for you, should have bought a smaller frame…….

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    A great bike, ruined by the presence of….

    …weeds. Sort it out.


    have less of a setback on the seatpost and a longer stem maybe?

    do you need that setback – where is your knee in relation to your pedal spindle when the cranks are horizontal?

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