New bike buying decision (tracer v asr5) help really heeded!

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  • New bike buying decision (tracer v asr5) help really heeded!
  • Premier Icon Kryton57

    I’m 5’11 and 3/4 and ride a large – from what I know a medium would be too small for you. Compare the size with your Orange – the Large Tracer is 18.5 seat tube and 24 Top tube, but rides low at the front.

    Tracer 2 or Tracer VP btw?

    I have a mate with an ASR 5 so here’s my opinion.

    The ASR is a great all round bike, a standard build 3-5lbs lighter than the Tracer, and will blast most trail centres and singletrack. For big jumps and abuse though, the Carbon swingarm would make me nervous.

    The Tracer (both) is stronger at the rear end. The VP can be built up as “Long Travel Trail” (As is mine at 30lb, ridden in 5.5″ mode, Revelation 150 dual air, Mavics Thompson hope etc) or stronger All Mountain (160 Fox 36, stronger wheels, kit and so on).

    IMO, the Tracer is the bigger burlier bike with the ability to be really good on the climbs due to the second gen VPP. Having said that, my friend on the ASR has ridden everything I have.

    I have a feeling from your description you’d be doing bigger drops (big days?) and in which case I recommend the Tracer.

    The Tracer can be a bit like owning a TVR – they work or don’t and can be a bit hit and miss (loosening pivot bolts, trick shock setup, the VP really isnt good with the Fox RP23 BV in some people opinion) but great when it works (which for me is 99% of the time). The ASR (and Yeti’s generally) have issues with those carbon swingarms……

    Finally, the difference between the suspension action (single pivot swing link on the Yeti, VPP on the Tracer) is quite marked – the feel of this alone may force you one way or another – so try to get a proper, lengthy test ride if you can, with the shock pressures set up for your weight.

    A tough choice IMO, both are lovely bikes.

    elaine anne

    just out of interest what happend to the orange 5 ?….. you didnt brake it did you.. 😉


    Hi, really need some help and advice in choosing a new frame to replace my current orange 5.
    I ride mainly northern trail centres, natural stuff and the odd trip to fort bill and big days in the cairngorms.
    Got the options down to either the yeti asr5, or the intense tracer vp, both great bikes, slightly different, but i can’t choose between them.
    I’m a tad under 6ft and am looking at medium size for both, so i guess the yeti would be the better climber/allrounder, but the tracer will be faster/sharper on the tight, fun steep stuff (?)
    Any help appreciated before i have to flip a coin!!


    Thanks Kryton57, good points raised.
    I’ve been offered a new, medium, older vp frame, think i’d fit better on a large, but the medium does fit. Not interested in the extra travel of the tracer2, so that rules out a large.
    I’m sure the yeti offers enough travel for me: by ‘big days’ i mean ‘long days’, i just need assurance that the carbon wont fail once i hit a few jumps/drops – it kind of looks a bit too pretty/xc, esp compared with the tracer!
    elaine anne – no probs with the 5, it’s a smashing bike, should really stick with it…..but i’ve had it a while and just fancy something new!


    If you want a reliable but new bike I’d avoid both of these and get something like an Orange Alpine.


    I run a tracer and it’s not really a do it all bike, if u build it up light it doesn’t really suit it so most folk myself included run it a bit heavier with 36’s and slighty heavier wheels etc,
    I here the yeti asr5 is a good bike but havnt ridden one, but from what you describe u may well be better suited to a 575 or maybe a dw 5 spot, a little burlier than the asr but not heavy,

    at 6ft it prob depends on how u like ure bike to feel but a medium would be a tad small


    WHAT????? Neither are made in the UK!! 🙂


    Get a large grey ano 2011 DW 5 Spot in the sale for £1193 + import.

    I’ve got a spare headset 😉


    Qcamel – It’ll be ridden in the UK, so that’s ok 😉
    Toons – There’s a reason those 5spots are so cheap 😉 😉

    You two aren’t much help…..


    [/url][/img]The new Ventana El Ciclon is also worth considering.

    I’m 6Ft2ish, 16 Stone and very clumsy and my ASR5 carbon swingarm hasn’t broken yet…
    Great bike but never ridden the intense so can’t compare.

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