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  • New bike build (mojo content)
  • titusrider
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    A little blatant willy waving is in order i think ūüôā

    it rides beautifully for them that care
    I am using XTR spds rather than the V8s before you start

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    The primer looks great, when you gonna paint it? ūüėČ

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    grrrrr‚Ķ. tasty ūüôā

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    Nice mate very nice!!!! HAve you still got the titus???? Am loving the look of the FTM, but always liked the look of these!

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    Not sure about the colour.. ūüėē

    Guessing it looks better in the flesh?

    whats going on with the saddle??- Layback seatpost, and saddle all the way forward??

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    Looks class, like the colour too ‚Äď although I reckon if I had it I‚Äôd lose the rear tyre and maybe the seat. Then again, I don‚Äôt, do I ūüôĀ

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    hehe cheers guys

    The build is a parts transfer (apart from crankset) from my old titus. that had a slightly shorter top tube and therefore waranted a layback post. The Ibis is a tiny bit longer in the top tube but i still have the same post, therefore same effective top tube created by scooting the saddle forward a bit until i get round to a new seat pin. (havnt decided if i want a gravity dropper style yet)

    Personally i think seat looks class but its a bit tatty now. rear tyre also looks good but will probly go soon for something with a touch more width.

    In terms of titus i broke my alu racer-x after 5 years of abuse. I loved that bike and its going on my wall soon but i gave it far too much stick for an Xc bike, jumps, drops, alps etc. I was seriously considering between this and the FTM and i think theres not too much between them. I think /if you have riden a DW link bike and and FSR bike choose the sus system you like the most. Part of me wanted the ibis for a change and coz someone else in my riding group is getting an FTM. Basically titus are sweet, ibis are sweet take your pic !!

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    oh nice, was drooling over the Mojo Stif have on their website ex-demo, 50% off!!

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    Hmmmm ‚Äď I do miss my Mojo sometimes. I have an exogrid motolite which I love, and is prob just as quick, but does not quite light my fire in the same way the Mojo did. I ended up selling it as it was a bit too small and I cracked a couple of rear triangles doing 3-4‚Ä≤ drops.
    The DW suspension design is better than 4-bar / HL so was excited when Turner announced a move to DW. As a result, I’ve just got a new 5-Spot. Not as light as the Mojo but same lovely suspension action and feels a bit more robust.
    Cracking bike though Titusrider ‚Äď do you prefer it to the RacerX?

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    Is it supposed to be the bright blue like Lopes’ DH Mojo?

    Yes to an adjustable seat post.
    Yes to wider tyres.
    Yes to the V8s!
    Yes to jumps, drops and the Alps….well the Hebden Alps for me at least.

    I‚Äôm testing a Lopes Link on the STW Mojo at the moment as part of a Big All Mountain / DH build. Look out for an update in the mag in due course ūüôā

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    i just did a little sex wee

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    lourrrvely bike but oh my god that yard!?! don’t you own a brush?

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    i just did a little sex wee

    how pathetic

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    Free Member

    You’ll have to change your forum name now.

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