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  • shansen

    Hi All,

    My first post here after a long time lurking!

    I am looking for some advice please.

    I am looking for a new bike and would like a full suspension bike. I currently have a Voodoo Bizango. I have been riding for two years after returning to the sport from a long break. I mainly ride at the weekend at trail centres (my closest is the forest of dean) and occasional trips to bike park wales. I am venturing to the alps this summer and have started to enjoy downhills more. I am also planning to enter the Hamsterley Beast this year.

    I am a cheapskate so I would like as cheap as possible but want something I can keep hold of. I am planning on getting rid of the Bizango as I do not have the space for N+1!I don’t mind upgrading the parts as they break but I would like something that will last and look after me.

    I am 6ft 2 with an inseam of 32″ I think I am a large size in the majority.

    My list so far is:

    Giant Trance

    Vodoo Zobop

    Boardman Pro

    Bossnut V2

    Whyte G160

    Kona Precept

    I do very much like the Whyte but am concerned that it is a bit overkill for me.

    I would appreciate your help.

    Thank you Sam

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    If you have a look on the Edinburgh site you linked to for the Whyte, theres a T130 also on sale.

    If you like Whytes – that.


    Voodoo Zobop, to me: strange spec. Details and parts which I wouldn’t like to have. Based on the spec: don’t recommend.

    Boardman FS Pro: in January sales right now. £1,350
    This is – for a bike with an PIKE fork an extremely good price.
    (Crazy good deal…)

    Bossnut V2: have this bike. Love the ride. Pre-assembly wasn’t great – but I do all bike repair by myself – means that wasn’t an issue for me.
    Have a collection of old hardtails and update these as well. But the Bossnut impresses me everytime I ride it.
    Interesting thread, maybe:

    nearly three years Calibre Bossnut / no remorse?

    Whyte – from all what I hear and how you describe your riding:
    The T130 might be indeed a very good bike for you.
    Maybe possible to get those for a decent price right now.

    Bike which you don’t have on your list:
    Commencal Trail full suspension
    Sells for around 1.6 k right now

    I like Commencal bikes but only based on the spec it’s similar to Boardman FS Pro or Bossnut V2. But above Commencal will be one quality notch higher?

    Biking skills and speed in technical trail sections: went definitely up since I have the Bossnut.
    But would have been the same I guess with Boardman, Whyte, Commencal?
    All nice trail bikes.

    Don’t pick a bike with too much “travel” so. For the kind of biking you describe, long&slack 130/130 or 140/130 or in this range will be fun. 160/150 or similar / more Enduro style isn’t so much fun for normal trail biking.

    Premier Icon vincienup

    It’s very easy to get sucked into the ‘moar travel is better’ wars. The G160 is a beast of a bike, people I know riding them had previously been riding 150mm 26ers with slacksets/offset bushes, mini DHs and stuff. It’s overkill in my book, but it probably depends what you want from mtb. If going down things, fast is your thing it’s an excellent choice.

    From the above I’d probably take a closer look at the T130 as a do anything bike especially if you like Whyte, as suggested. The Pike equipped Boardman is probably the star of the low budget scene, joining BC as a bronze member for £26 would get you another 10% off it, too…


    My opinion FWIW.
    Buy the bike you want.
    Get the best bike you can afford and not necessarily the one with the biggest discount.
    I’ve been guilty of that in the past and you end up changing bits to suit because it wasn’t right in the first place.
    I would say 130mm is perfect for trail centres.
    I’ve recently bought the Whyte T130rs. Bloody love it. Feels like it has more travel than 130 on the descents – very capable and confidence-inspiring ride – I think all T130 owners will say the same thing. I came from a 140mm Cannondale Trigger which I got at a ridiculous bargain price but then changed so much of it. It was a nice bike – I liked it but I didn’t love it. Bought one that I now do.

    Don’t know too much about the others on your list but there’s the Whyte S150 too with – you guessed it – 150mm travel but it’s a 29er if that’s your thing. G160 will be awesome on the descents/uplift days here and the Alps but could be too much for trail centres or when it points back uphill…like I said don’t be swayed by the discount and think about how often you’ll really NEED 160mm on travel.

    Demo some if you can.

    That’s my two penneth…HTH.


    Feels like it has more travel than 130

    Sign of a good design this.
    Yes – the owners of the T130 sound happy.

    Additional remark:
    When I plan to do crazy stuff with the Bossnut V1 I charge the Monarch damper to 150 psi max (that’s max allowed) – and the Sektor fork to 20 psi higher than normal. Bike doesn’t feel plush on the trail then – but downhill you can do more crazy stuff.
    Some trails in the Alps, having a 130/130 bike: that’s what I would do – when knowing the route is getting tougher.
    (Normal setting: “plush” with lots of sag)

    not necessarily the one with the biggest discount.

    And now, in winter time: nearly all brands give good rebates.
    Perfect time to get a good trail bike!

    Premier Icon joebristol

    What’s the maximum budget?

    The Boardman Pro fs is likely the best budget buy out of the bikes you’ve listed.

    However, the Whyte t-130 is a better frame with more modern geometry that might better fit your alps trip / fast downhills at BPW.


    I would say my max budget is £1800. Sadly the whyte t130 is now sold out so my current thought is to get the boardman.

    Thank you Sam


    Join the Whyte Bikes Owners group on FB – I’ve seen a few vgc ones pop up on there.

    Premier Icon joebristol

    Have you tried YT / Radon / Canyon?

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ

    Drop mboy an email he had some 2017 t130s in stock .


    my current thought is to get the boardman.

    Recent days, this forum:

    Boardman FS Refresh?

    £1,350 in January sales for the Pro is just great.
    The PIKE fork is one of the best trail forks – or even the best trail fork available right now.

    Check for Pike reviews. The fork normally gets a 9/10 or 10/10.
    Full suspension bike with Pike: normally starts from 2.5 k on?

    £1800 budget: Commencal, Whyte still should be an option.
    These bikes – at this budget – will have a “good” fork – but no “pike” so…
    Therefore overall quality might be a notch higher?


    wasn’t aware that Radon has these rebates right now…


    1.899,- € instead of 2.599,- € (aprox 700 € rebate)
    140 mm Pike !!!

    “Plus” bike. 2.8 inch tires… Will be a playful fun bike. Note a racer.
    Not sure if “Plus” tires make sense on a full suspension bike – but this Radon sounds fun…
    Could be a bit slacker so.

    From it’s character this bike will be very different from the above mentioned ones (Boardman, Whyte, Commencal, Bossnut). Bit into the direction of a “full suspension fat bike”?
    With 13.5 kg but lower weight than most fat bikes.
    Could be fun.


    Hi All,

    Thank you all to your advice I ended up buying a Whyte T130 from Missing link cycles in Droitwich. Highly recommended!

    Have ridden the bike a few times in the lakes and North Wales and is brilliant.

    Hopefully my picture will work. Thank you again for your help.



    That’s nice, apart from the reflectors.


    I have a trance and I wouldn’t say 150mm travel is too much for anywhere!
    It’s a do it all bike which means I have no need for others.

    No-one here will plug the trance because it’s too mainstream but it is a great bike.

    Edit sorry didn’t realise you had already bought, enjoy your new bike

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