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  • New battery and charger for SolarStorm
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    Morning all,

    I have a SolarStorm light that I bought last year, lovely light but the battery is a bit crap and is prone to cutting out when I don’t really want it to. I also have my suspicions that the charger is a bit crap as well. I know there has been talk of replacement batteries and chargers on here from reasonable reputable sources so wondered of someone could point me in the direction of such things?


    I bought a fluxient 4400mAh battery from ebay for about £30 and use the charger that came with my original Hope Vision lights.


    Or, see what mtbbatteries can sort you out with

    My battery cut out on the 2nd ride with no warning

    I got a replacement from MTBbatteries and all good so far – main thing for me is knowing if there is a problem that it will be sorted by a UK based company

    Still using the original charger – seems slow but OK apart from that


    charger they also sell batteries, no idea of their value but at least you have a Uk shop to return it too if it doesn’t last.

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    Thanks all.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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