New bars and stem

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  • New bars and stem
  • pingu66

    I had a significant crash a few weeks ago, clipped my bars, hit the dirt and bust my ribs.

    Should I change my bars as I think I can feel flex in them.

    Currently running flat bars, standard Specialized Epic. Looking at perhaps a wider riser, should I shorten the stem? What will it change as I want a slightly more comfy cockpit. Bars are 680mm at the moment would like wider aswell as I am quite wide.

    Any advice.


    I have just brought some Mary bars and a Syncros Cattle Prod stem, this combo may not help you but my wrists will love me long time.


    If you want wider, buy wider. If you want higher, buy riser bars. If you want a shorter cockpit, buy a shorter stem. If you want a longer cockpit, buy a longer stem.


    Buy new bars first, give them a go, see how they feel, then if its not right get a new stem.

    If you can feel flex in your bars after a crash then yeah, replacing sounds like a good idea. As for choice of new bars, there’s loads. Got a budget in mind?


    Wider bars and shorter stem will give you more comfort and it will shift your weight back a little.

    I went from narrow flats and a 110mm stem to wider risers and a 100mm stem years ago and never looked back.

    Why not try the wider bars first before buying a new stem too?

    I picked up some Sunline V1 bars and Sunline XC-One stem from CRC in the sale a few weeks ago after my carbon bars had some flex after several crashes.


    I dont really have a budget but I am thinking get some cheap riser bars and get the geometry right before i spend anything too much on it. Dont want to get carbon risers at £100 and they’re crap!

    Might see if the LBS can lend me some?

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