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  • sharkbait

    At home we use XBMC on a Raspberry Pi and an Apple TV for streaming movies over the network.
    This weekend we’re at my Mums holiday house doing some decorating and decide to watch a film as I’ve bought a few down on a USB stick.
    2hrs22m into a film with the crucial last 30 mins coming up the stupid TV (some Samsung thing) decides it’s had enough and crashes….. never thought I’d say that about a TV!
    Chuck the USB stick into the chromebook and check the film – it’s fine.
    Reboot the TV and select the film from the USB stick again, turns out that the only option I have is to fast forward through the entire film at 4x speed… no thanks. The end of the film will just have to wait until we et home to some proper hardware.

    *stupid TV 🙁

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    I have recently advanced from CRT to Smart TV. Picture’s great, but I can’t help thinking there’s just bait too much going on for its own good.

    I’ll remember that when I come to put films on hard drive!


    Apparently it’s a Linux box running web apps


    I am too a recent convert from crt. Kids can now let their apparent friends in the lounge without the risk of playground ridicule.
    I merely asked how many of ” their” dads could have chose to put the big tv in a different room..,

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    We had a Samsung SmartTV back in 2011, & the SmartTV function was always very “buggy”. Occasional freezing, slow etc.

    Just had a warranty replacement as the screen packed up.
    And the new one is even worse.
    It can take 10 mins for the YouTube app to load.
    It is truly truly crap.

    Found out late one night that my son had paired his tablet with the thing. One evening we are Happily watching Silent Witness & all of a sudden we are watching Fireman Sam.

    Same feelings about my Samsung telly

    Picture’s great, sound’s great

    Smart features are shite


    Our samsung smart is sound. I’ve even added apps to it lately such as spotify.


    Never had a problem with my Samsungs, having played back plenty of files.

    Have you made sure that Smart Hub and the TV’s firmware are both up to date ?

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Got a Samsung bluray / pvr that runs smart tv. It seems a little better sorted than the TVs. The interface is junk and I have no idea why it has a browser that you have to type into like a late 90s Nokia phone, but the pvr bit is very good.

    They are hugely dependant on internet speed and more importantly wifi signal strength. By moving our infinity box 3m closer to it I transformed the performance of all the installed apps.

    The YouTube integration with iPad is great as is the ability to link Vimeo to your account as I can just leave it playing my watch later list. I wish the iplayer app had this feature. The feratel ski webcam app is awesome as is Redbull tv. But why anyone would want to link Facebook or Twitter to their tv is beyond me.

    When I first got it the underlying OS was properly flaky. Have you tried updating it?


    Hard wire everytime for anything like that.
    And you can get a mini keyboard and mouse for 25 quid which makes the web browsing a lot more bearable.


    you tube loads ok my samsung but wont play back in hd anyone else notice this

    Premier Icon tomfun

    The you tube app on my Samsung is utter turd and unusable. Everything is up to date but it’s still useless. Apart from that, I can’t fault it.

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