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  • Never buy a car older than yourself (Tips for a simple life)
  • Seriously, just don’t. Unless you like spending money hand over fist to have a vehicle which is completely impractical and only works for a maximum of three months before it ceases to work again usually for no apparent reason.

    Secondly never, ever decide its a good idea to do a modern engine conversion in an ancient VW. You might as set up a direct debit to pay your wages in to a black hole, and you’ll still end up with random wiring in the engine bay that doesn’t apparently go anywhere and an engine that just won’t have any of it.

    I could have bought a decent 996 for what I’ve spent on this bloody thing and have a car that actually turns over. And has heating.


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    I’m 46 and sold my 1961 Volvo last year. Wish I’d had the money to do it up. I quite liked the ‘Oooh it used to be a rally car’ random wiring and bodywork holes. The rust less so.

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    I will buy an audi quattro ur at some point..
    Or maybe i should just hire one for the weekend.


    At 51 I’ve got lots of scope lol

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    I had a vw that was 5 years older than me
    It was fine as student when I could limp somewhere on 2 cylinders or only go out in daylight. It had to go when I got a proper job with a commute.

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    Never buy a car older than yourself

    To some members that only rules out anything older than 51 plate…

    b r

    Not done it myself, but years ago I bought a 1971 Triumph 2.5 which was older than my then girlfriend (and later wife).

    It went to the scrappers after the brakes failed. Originally paid £80 including 6 months tax, got £35 for it 🙂

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    Mines 7 years younger than me, but yes, I could have brought a decent 996 for what its cost me so far !!

    A car older than me? Wonder if any museums have one for sale.


    A car older than me?,did they make cars during the 2nd.World War?


    One happy hippy, is yours the bus with the legacy engine in it?

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    There seems to be a lot of wrinkled willy waving going on here.


    A car older than me ? Will it come with a chap waving a red flag walking in front of it?


    I’ve had a couple of cars that were manufactured before I was born, an Amazon Estate and a Series IIA Land Rover. Both were daily drivers and very reliable if you serviced them regularly, nothing major, changing the oil, checking the points and valve clearances. Parts were cheap and plentiful and the knowledge to keep them going freely offered. I’d have either again if they were more fuel efficient, they were both very practical cars.

    There seems to be a lot of wrinkled willy waving going on here.

    I do not have a wrinkled willy to wave.


    I had a Mercedes w123 3.0td estate. It was older than me, and very reliable. It still is and probably works as a taxi in Africa. Would love to find same condition merc and snap it instantly up. Classic cars like those are my weak spot.

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    I sold my Peugeot engine vw bay window 3 years ago, best thing I ever did, had a Renault master self build since and am now on a lovely MK5 transit coach built 6 berth, no messing around with engines in either of them, just going out and using them…


    My first car was already 13 years old when I was born
    Do regret selling it but at the time could not afford to fix it up
    Now I need somthing dull for commuter duties

    Mister P

    I feel your pain. My VW is 11 years older than me, gets driven less than 2k miles a year and cost me a lot more than my sensible family modern Passat. But when I do drive it for a couple of miles I feel like I am 18 again. And that feeling is priceless.

    argoose – Member
    At 51 I’ve got lots of scope lol

    This ^^^^ ! Only the Ford Model T excluded really 🙂

    Hey OHH got a pic ?


    I rarely see a car older than myself 😥 (56 in May)

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    Yep, old cars can suck the cash out your wallet faster than a dodgy hooker in prague, but an old car has charm, and class, and a certain something that just makes you smile everytime you jump in and start it up. My vw is 28yrs old, my only car and i’d never trade it in for a modern car as they are soulless identikit boxes on wheels, For what i’ve spent on my old Golf over the past few years i could’ve bought a mint MK4 R32 or a MK5 GTI but i feel myself slumping into a coma behind the wheel of modern cars, for sure they are very nice places to sit in and drive for any length of time but they are anodyne synthetic caricatures of what a car should be.

    If you want a really old car how about my mates MG from the 30’s?, one of 6 pre production models made to showcase the sporting heritage of the MG factory and it quite possibly saved MG as this very car won it’s class at Le Mans and went on to be put into production.

    We’ve not been out in it for a few years but hopefully we’ll manage to do a few historic rallies this coming year, then it’ll be up for sale with all it’s provenance details and trophies.


    I had a 1953 Morris Minor split-screen, and the only reason I no longer have it, is because someone drove into the back of it one night, pushing the boot in, (and totalling his Dolomite in the process), and the insurance wouldn’t pay out because the paintwork was rough, and would have required a full-body re-spray. Great little car, all spares available, easily worked on, mine had a 1300 A-Series, Riley drum brakes and a van rear axle, now it could have fuel injection, disc brakes, catalytic converter. That car was a year older than me, btw…
    A mate’s got a little beauty, in metallic red, with an MGB engine in it, it used to have a Riley 1500, that one’s a ’54.
    He used to use it every day driving to work, until salt started to cause excessive corrosion. Still drives it when the weather’s fine.


    This is a bizzare coincidense, tomorrow im looking at a mk1 golf thats been modernised. But it does it does look nice and im 41 and its only 30 so should be ok?

    One happy hippy, is yours the bus with the legacy engine in it?

    Yeah thats the one.

    It’s ridiculously quick (and somewhat terrifying) in a straight line.

    Back when it was (all) working and looking tidy.

    Rather blurry photo of a subaru engine shoe-horned in the the engine bay.

    And happier days – DH bike on back parked outside the pub.

    Van Halen

    tee, and indeed, hee

    my mate is doing a scooby conversion in his VW at present. well i say him. i mean his rather well paid mechanic.

    putting whole new gearbox,. drivetrain, coil shocks the lot on it. will be bonkers when done. pointless – but totally bonkers.

    looking forward to laying under it looking at the shineyness.


    Rosebikes UK have a T25 pickup with a scooby engine in running 300bhp or something 😯

    I think he’s on here

    Premier Icon white101

    Can you not lower it? Certainly that will help with ‘bouncy’ ride you get with vans and the power your putting through it would surely be more managable?

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