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    Haha, what the hell man.

    Carbide cannons make life in the west, eeer, exciting over new year.

    And if you think that’s nuts, check out what happens on the one night of the year you can legally use fireworks… Last night I witnessed the entirety of Maastricht trying to kill itself by letting 25m fireworks off in the middle of crowds and streets full of people.

    WRT your title, stick the flavouring 😉 in a ban marie with your butter as required in the recipe for two hours before using that fat in your cooking. That works a treat.

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    Is this a traditional pastime in the Netherlands?


    A traditional pastime is declaring war on the sky on NYE and setting fire to the supermarket car park.

    The fireworks really are awesome, we could see maybe 8Kms from my place, with a 180° view of the horizon at midnight – wall to wall fireworks, after an hour we could see maybe 1km due to the smoke.

    I am less enamoured of them dragging their Christmas trees and lots of carefully hoarded flammable things, dousing them in accelerant, and setting fire to Aldi’s car park.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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