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  • DougD

    House of Cards (new one)
    Arrested Development can be good, wasn’t much of a fan of the latest series though.


    How ace is dexter? I don;t know if it’s on netflix but I’m watching it on at the moment.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Portlandia is pretty good. I’m old and have probably missed the boat on this by some years but it’s being watched in my house.

    My wife now wants to go on holiday in Portland.


    Thanks. I did try Dexter but a few episodes into season 2 and it started to feel quite repetitive. Also the sister annoyed me for some unknown reason.

    Breaking Bad
    It’s always sunny in Philadelphia
    2x Louis ck stand up specials on there


    IMDB list 1
    IMDB List 2

    I’m assuming you have the Netflix plug-in for Chrome? It’s great, automatically adds IMDB and Rotten Tomato ratings to the info panels.


    Scratch is quality, got that on DVD, gonna watch it again when I get home from work.
    Breaking Bad +1.
    Just got into Sons of Anarchy, I have rinsed the first 4 series in 2 weeks, its like visual crack.
    Some of the Saturday Night Live stuff is good, can be a bit hit and miss at times though.
    Invasion of the Killer Tomatoes for some good old 80s B-movie horror.


    Modern family is really good, it’s cheesy and family orientated, but very well written and there are a load of episodes.

    Second vote for Portlandia, very good Series 1/2, 3rd not quite as good but still has it’s moments.

    Film wise, I like Into The Wild, 50:50 is good, Adventure Land worth a watch… as is Other Guys/Grown Ups if you like Will Farrel/Comedies.

    Also worth watching the Bones Brigade documentary, even if you don’t like skateboarding it is great to see the old footage and see how the kids coped with fame, fortune and growing up… Dogtown and Z Boys is also interesting and a pretty good lead-up to the Bones doc.


    Struggling to find good stuff and the ‘popular on Facebook’ selection is always pap. Thought it would be good to invite random recommendations as I’m sure there’s some hidden gems in that vast library.

    Here are some of mine:

    King of Kong – superb documentary on arcade gamers racing to reach a top score. So so good.
    Weeds – darkly funny US series – drops in quality after first couple of seasons but well worth a watch.
    Scratch – geeky documentary on the birth and evolution of scratching / hip hop.
    Whip It – full of cliches but funny and well done.
    Youth in Revolt – slightly random comedy but very funny in parts.
    Glengarry Glen Ross – finest swearing ever committed to film. Stellar cast.


    Thanks again – have done Breaking Bad already but tempted to give it another run before they release the final episodes. Also +1 for the Modern Family recommendation – really sharp writing.


    Zombieland and tucker and dale vs evil.
    Both genius funny……

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    ^^^^watched Zombieland last night – hilarious, clever and really well put together!!

    havinalaff………..nearly crying at that section of the film with the cameo appearance (vague for people who’ve not seen it)

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    If you want to crack through a couple of films:

    Hobo with a Shotgun – mindless violence but entertaining.

    Oldboy – Korean with sub-titles but an incredible film. Puts a lot of Hollywood dross to shame…


    Danny B


    Yoshimi, seriously watch tucker and dale vs evil too that is proper funny if you liked zombieland.


    Breaking Bad

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    new one out, orange is the new black, i quite liked that, and i’ve just started house of cards which is starting to shape up well after a couple of episodes.


    We’re liking “Orange is the New Black”.
    Arrested Development is great… except for the last series.

    Premier Icon dc2.0

    as an aside – you could try a vpn service and get access to netflix “US only” content from your uk netflix account

    Premier Icon jkomo

    Breaking bad for me too.

    Yeah go on the us version there’s loads more on there.


    Hemlock Grove is ok


    Archer is hilarious.
    Sons of Anarchy.
    There’s a skateboard documentary called dragon slayer (iirc) which is good. Also Bones Brigade.

    There’s probs loads more but I cant remember just now.

    Premier Icon turboferret

    2nd Archer 🙂

    Cheers, Rich


    The Raid
    Battle Royale

    Don’t bother with MachineGirl, it’s terrible. There’s loads of good foreign language films, there also loads of bad ones!


    Cool thread. We’re on the US one at the mo so I can’t remember if these are on the UK one.

    Hunger Games
    Sons of Anarchy (ridiculous but highly entertaining)
    Battlestar Galactica (new one)
    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    The Raid +1

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I love netflix use it on my phone tablet and the Wii, Lovefilm online doesn’t get used anything like as much TBH.

    I like some of the Documentarys and I find myself watching full series of stuff, considering the price I’d say I’m getting through about 1 1/2 Box sets worth of general viewing a month

    Bones Brigade and Dogtown are definately worth watching, I watched most of theat Dragonslayer doc’ but found myself wanting to slap the little fool after a while.

    “Countdown to Zero” is and interesting, if slightly alarming, look at the potential thtreat posed by Nuclear terrorism, “Revenge of the Electric Car” I found interesting too.

    You’ll get through all the Archer series on there inside of a a week, but it is very funny.

    I like Sci-fi crap so I’m just finishing up Battlestar Gallactica Series 4…

    I need to get into breaking bad and Portlandia next…

    Our Kids probably watch too many cartoons via the Wii, but it is handy if you do need to occupy them.

    I’m actually looking forwards to the missus next lot of Celbity Jungle-Factor-Tallent Tosh as I can just quietly watch netflix on my tablet with my earphones in without her complaining that I’m being antisocial.

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