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  • littlerob

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned Travellers. I thought it was really good. S2 coming soon.


    No love for Orphan Black? It’s tremendous.

    My wife liked the first season of this, I thought it was utter tripe! But each to their own!

    Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency

    Was good fun, really liked it.

    Since Netflix enabled downloads they became my most used TV service, great on the train in the evening.

    Narcos, Stranger things, Archer, Suits (yes it’s cheese, but still enjoyable IMO), 13 Reasons Why, Jessica Jones, Uncle plus others.

    Premier Icon heebyjeeby

    No shout out for Fargo yet? Although I think its on All4 too


    was just gonna say Fargo!!

    for British stuff you have Inside No 9 & Black mirror, line of duty, Luther… or if you need a bit more easy watching, Still Game is on there, and loads of Alan Partridge is too!

    oh…. Wet Hot American Summer!!

    and must not forget Love and Master Of None!!

    Premier Icon tomfun

    Death of a Gentleman.

    A good documentary film about corruption in international test cricket.

    Just finished season 2 of Killjoys which I thought was excellent. Reminds me a little of Firefly.


    peepshow series 1-8, FARGO when its on, jeremy Jones snowboard movies higher, further, etc. Fawlty towers. Sherlock. Breaking Bad. some music documentarys on eagles, stones, etc. Bill Hicks stand up from way back…I love it.

    Premier Icon Russell96

    The Expanse Series 2 is now on, excellent stuff



    As a tv show, it’s so bad it’s funny. As a biologist, it is also so bad that it is funny.

    It’s a brilliant cross between Jurassic Park, Jumanji and the Walking Dead. The show was a bit boring in season 1, but it is so pitch perfectly ridiculous in season 2 that I’m worried that season 3 won’t be able to topple the irreverent and downright idiotic hilarity.


    Really enjoyed the returned. Warning though they never commissioned a 2nd series so you’ll be left hanging on ‘what next’ for evermore!

    Premier Icon Caher

    Really enjoyed Marco Polo – but they’ve also cut the 3rd series.



    Just finished series 1.


    Time for Narcos series 3 now.

    Premier Icon seadog101

    I like it for the documentaries:

    Icarus – All about the doping going on around the Russian sporting system. Some of the revelations make you wonder why Russian athletes are allowed to compete anywhere.

    Cowspiracy / Food Inc / What the Health – have steered me toward thinking about being a vegetarian/vegan (not commited yet, but giving it a go)

    Laughed my t**s off at Louis CK’s stand-up sets.
    +1 for Master of None.

    Premier Icon twonks

    All of the above, plus Black Mirror is great.
    All one offs but so much of todays society can be seen in the episodes.

    People Just Do Nothing is an absolute gem if you like your mockumentaries.
    Very clearly influenced by The Office. Great characters – Chabuddy G is excellent.

    Come to think of it, all series may currently be available on iplayer to coincide with the release of series 4.

    Keep it Kurupt!

    Premier Icon i_like_food

    +1 for Icarus, amazing!

    Recently renewed my subs to Netflix.

    Great to see series 2 of the expanse.

    Series 2 of ‘The shooter’ looks intriguing.

    As does ‘New Blood’

    I’m still waiting for Netflix to screen the last series of ‘Sherlock’…


    Another vote for Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Absolute top notch, must get round to it again. Recommend Gotham for a slightly different take on the Batman story. Some excellent characters in there.

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    we stopped watching Black Mirror, we got too depressed!

    Premier Icon sanername

    I directed a film called The Hippopotamus*, which is based on a novel by Stephen Fry and that went up on Netflix last week. It’s a bit divisive, probably split on your feelings about the author of the book, but a lot of people seem to have enjoyed it.

    *I don’t get any money from people watching the film on Netflix, so technically this isn’t spam.


    We started Fargo last night, great 1st episode, loved it, likely gonna binge every episode that’s available now.

    Premier Icon MSP

    Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, is a lot darker than fans of the books may expect (or of the BBC series a few years ago). I enjoyed it, and it did carry the book themes through, just a much darker slant to them.


    Went through Narcos season 3 this weekend.

    Top stuff.

    I’ve enjoyed watching the bond movie (spectre)

    and the Jason statham movies (the mechanic) have been excellent.


    Stranger Things
    The OA
    Sons Of Anarchy
    Gossip Girl (kidding not kidding)

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