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  • Nervous? Just a little…
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    Just packed the jump bike in the car for a wee run at the indoor bike park tomorrow night after work. They’ve just had a foam pit installed and i’m (man-flu/chest infection permitting) going for my long awaited attempt at a back flip 😯

    I normally try and visualise how things are going to turn out and for the life of me I can’t get this at all. I’m positive i can get upside-down but after that……?

    Bricking it.But in a good way 😀

    Any tips?

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    yes video your first attempt at post it up

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    Ive always wanted to backflip, ive never managed it and its always hurt trying but not too much so far.
    I reckon im close to getting too old to do it now, so id say go for it.

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    When I worked for a ski season there was a kicker with a ‘bag’ behind it to land on. Bouncy castle style. Kept eyeing it up then one day I went for it. Couple of runs just jumping, then tried a 360 and failed. One of the lads suggested a flip as all you have to do is pull back. He lied…….. didnt hurt though 😀

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    Where are you going?

    I’ve backflipped into a foampit, it’s surprisingly hard even with a fair bit of speed, a steep kicker, and a lot of pulling back.

    But yeah, first time just go in with as much speed and pull up/back. Oh but don’t let go of the bike mid air, keep hold of it 🙂

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    Oh but don’t let go of the bike mid air, keep hold of it

    you are right ! 🙂

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    Going here Duane [T-13 in Belfast].

    You can see some ejit hitting the kicker for the foam pit @ 2.34s – though he accidentally jumps clean over it.

    Junkyard, I charged the gopro last but forgot to grab it this morning (one too many hot whiskeys last night…hic). Also forgot my civvie clothes so i hope i don’t get my work stuff covered in blood.

    So, go fast, pull back and don’t let go of the bike? It ain’t going to be pretty 😆

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