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  • andyl

    got one sitting on top of the sideboard ready to take out my nephews next time they come with their nerf arsenal.

    Tom B

    Googles nerf gun….I don’t have kids, but do have small nephew whom would make a good target 🙂

    They are a scream. my friends Laura and Sarah have them and a pitch battle in their living room ensues when I go round there with beers. The pump action one tends to jam but the barrel one is pretty reliable.

    I’m 44 this year 🙄


    When I was like 14 I bought a Nerf gun that held about 20 shots an unloaded them in about 3 seconds.

    THAT was fun.

    Picking them back up again afterwards, however, grew old quick.

    this was it:

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    You’re lucky he’s sticking to your arse. My 6 year old got me about an inch under an eye from about 10 feet a couple of weeks back, despite a full h&s briefing. Nearly throttled the bugger.

    fatsimon mk2

    my son has had a single shot one of these for a while and while fun i.e he likes lining up his action figures and shooting them gallery style now he’s got a six shot gatling pump action one and his new game is hunting dad and popping a cap in my ar*e whilst iam not looking cue me chasing him round the house with the single shot one hours of fun and iam thinking I might need a bigger nerf gun as iam being out gunned 😀

    Premier Icon bigad40

    +1 for fun
    +1 for taking one in the eyeball! 😉

    fatsimon mk2

    there seams to be a bit of a theme going on here with the eye thing think next time a “game” kicks off think i’ll grab my safety glasses 😯 😀

    Premier Icon fadda

    It’s one of the great things about being a dad/uncle, that you get to play with this stuff.

    Actually, I think “bloke” is in that list, too…


    Steampunked nerf guns look the business.

    4 kids here all got nerf guns for Christmas. So did grandad and visiting friends. Made for a great Christmas. Female relatives were less impressed which made it even better.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    We have only one rule in our house. No shooting without the glasses on, otherwise “it’s all fair in love and nerf”.

    Even the single shot ones (£2 at Waitrose or Sainsbury’s atm :D) are great. I prefer the pump action Nerf.

    JrG and me love a bit of Nerf. The cats aren’t too impressed though.


    This is what I use to keep me entertained Fun


    Laddo took his sister out Christmas Day in the eye approximately 20 mins after opening! Glasses were supplied as it was the dart tag affair which have a nice eye scratching Velcro crosshair on the tip. No glasses no shooting from that moment on….

    Premier Icon transporter13

    We have a few in our house.
    Prefer the ones that fire the green discs though. Much more a curate over longer distance.
    We can often have 5-8 people running round the house playing nerf of duty

    Premier Icon kimbers

    steampunked you say……….

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Me and the boy have a hankering for the sniper rifle.



    So much fun.
    Sprained my ankle chasing my little cousin once.


    Toys R Us did a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” offer last Christmas. So “Uncle ****” (ie. me) bought 1 each for my 2 nephews and kept one for myself. I also bought 500 rounds of ammo.

    My mum still keeps finding orange darts all over the house! Best Christmas presents for little (and big) boys ever!

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