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  • Nello 55 mile route card help required.
  • Kip
    Full Member

    Help! Signed up to do the 100 mile Nello this year, it got “cancelled” but as with last year, if you ride it at some point you can log it and get your medal. I have cleared it with Sarah Daniels to ride it this weekend but for various reasons I now can only do the 55 mile route.

    I’ve done both before and have gpx for both, but apparently there’s been a change to the 55 between Nomansland and Black Dog and all the route card links are broken.

    Yes, I left it late to find this out but does anyone out there know the route change? I think it might be straight on at the B3137 crossroads in Nomansland then join B3042 then left on Hele Lane Hill to Black Dog but I’m not sure.

    If necessary I’ll just do the 2019 route that I know, but it would be nice to do the correct one if possible.

    Cheers all.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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