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  • neighbour on one side is the true definition of a bint… called the police because neighbours had the balls to park cars on the public road outside the front of her house, not restricting access (she’s got two paths to her front door) not blocking her from parking in front of her house (public road so doesn’t actually count, main point though… she doesn’t drive/own a car!)

    old neighbours on the other side, lovely… new neighbours just moved in… well the guy seems nice, the woman however spends her time blanking us and screaming at her two yappy type dogs that bark at everything including traffic 2 roads away. she sounds like a horrible women to be around. i politely introduced myself when they moved in, all cheery hellos, welcome to the road etc etc but even her dad who was helping her move in said ‘good luck, you’ll need it’ :S

    pretty sure her landlord doesn’t know they’ve got two dogs there but in the end if they get away with it and the dogs eventually stop yapping all the time, i’m not going to tell anyone 🙂

    we haven’t got it great, but it could be a LOT worse! i hope we’re the good neighbours in the mix, no tv on after 9:30pm (bedtime, horay 😀 ), dont have parties, dog is a silent ninja who doesn’t even make a peep when the yappy dogs are barking away at him through the fence, friendly and polite but not intrusive…. meh, its all relative, our neighbours might hate us!


    Contact local media?


    On a related point – if you sell your house due to problems with neighbours, to what extent are you obliged – morally and/or legally – to inform prospective buyers of what has happened?


    On a related point – if you sell your house due to problems with neighbours, to what extent are you obliged – morally and/or legally – to inform prospective buyers of what has happened?

    nowadays the seller will have to fill in a form of property particulars & there is a section about disputes with neighbours which you will need to fill in truthfully or risk legal comeback at a later date


    These stories fill me with horror but I can’t help reading them because we had a violent drug dealer move in next door, ten years ago. I won’t bother you with all the details but we tidied up the house and sold it for a good deal less than it was worth within six months. In the following four years it was resold three times. We now have lovely elderly neighbours on one side but worry what would happen if one of them died, and we have a divorcée the other side with three kids, well-behaved and charming and she says she loves living next to us, so fingers crossed that she will stay.


    we had a violent drug dealer move in next door

    as innocent music & motorbike loving students we couldn’t work out why all the doors in the house we had rented were off their hunges or why the elderly couple next door seemed to like us so much – turns out we were a vast improvement on the previous tenants ^^^^


    We’re going to be moving soon (haven’t yet found a place though), the thought of having horrible neighbours fills me with dread.

    For us we have a nice cat lady who lives next door but is possibly doolally. But we have a young couple who will have 3-4 BBQs each week and talk loudly outside the front of the house. Each house has a small patch of grass out the front so basically they have a BBQ right outside our front door. They’re polite enough, but at one point they got wood from a nearby skip and burnt it after their BBQ…basically we had 5 ft flames in a little BBQ about 1.5m from our front door.

    They didn’t seem to understand why I was bothered, although they haven’t done it since (the skip’s gone). But in the hot weather our windows are all open so BBQ smoke filling our house 3 or 4 times a week is annoying.

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    Reading someof these reminded me of this…

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    my parents had a delightful couple next door

    her- nurse undergoing hormone therapy, grew a substantial beard
    him- illiterate steroided up nightclub bouncer ran his own wheelclamping business
    at first they were just a bit odd but things got worse
    they werent allowed to adopt here but were able to get kids from guatemala, ended up with 6 of em in a 3bed semi! treated em like shit, we petty much looked after the 1st 2 they got in the summer holidays
    oh and they had an alsatian called satan, a goat, chickens, bred dogs (which occasionally tore up the chickens in a blood frenzy), and for a while a pony all in a relatively small garden
    had wheel clamping disputes spill over into bricks through windows, watched pron really loud, once had their car mysteriously burn down outside the house and had rats in their animal sheds, the list was a long one

    my parents tried really hard inevitably things went bad when my dad shopped em to the rspca, ended up with them poisoning our fishpond and slashing the car tyres
    the ex-army guy on the other side had just as much trouble but it was my dad that stood up to them, (never appreciated how tough his isle of dogs upbringing might have been until then!)

    police, social services, rspca were all next to useless

    when they eventually moved out the neighbours threw a party and bought my folks some champers for bearing the brunt of it all


    We’ve not had any major problems, but at my previous house the neighbours over the back let their kids trash our hedge into massive holes and spend all their time staring through the holes they’d made so we had no privacy. The old lady next door was forever getting a man to come round and trim her trees with a very noisy saw that sometimes went on all day.
    In our current street there’s one person who slits your tyres if you park outside his house, and the woman next door but one is banned from all pubs in the area for making a nuisance of herself and also posts nasty notes through everyone’s doors.


    the last house I bought was on the market due to matrimonial issues – the guy had been getting on with the next door neighbours daughter & his mrs had been doing likewise with the neighbours son – I managed to live there happily for 20yrs without feeling the need to indulge 😯

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    My neighbours are ace, just gave me some lettuce and cuecumber from their garden.

    Last week one of our dogs was barking while we were at work (they hardly ever bark) so the lady across the way phoned me to ask if she could pop over to see if the dog was alright. They have a key so was happy for her to do so. She just popped over and gave our dog some fuss and she was fine.

    We do nice stuff for them too, and generally look out for each other.

    Nice neighbours make coming home feel so much more relaxing.


    Vivaldi’s a bit lightweight – I’d probably go with Wagner. If that doesn’t work, Tchaikovsky’s 1812 (complete with artillery) should do the trick?

    Theres a Telarc recording of this, by Erich Kunzel & The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, which used real cannon.
    If you want a version that will test both your audio system and your neighbours tolerance levels to breaking point, there’s your puppy. I believe it will destroy speakers pretty easily.
    Oh, and you can get quality downloads in FLAC, etc:

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    *Warning – Due to extreme dynamics of the cannons and bass drums on this album, please set your volume accordingly – Enjoy!


    Reading someof these reminded me of this…



    In 666 there lives a Mr Miller
    He’s our local vicar and a serial killer 😀

    facebook help group

    jonah tonto

    it is possible that im a neighbour from hell- last week someone a few doors down(i dont know who) bellowed at me using very explicit language beginning with the letters f and c to turn the stereo down. it was an audiobook i was playing on my iphone while gardening at about 2pm…. 😯

    my adjoined neighbours have moved out. landlord is planning work apparently. now im not saying they were perfect – martin tried learning the trumpet…..then the sax…….then having struggled with instruments with defined stops, tried his hand at the trombone 🙄 this was a 4 yr process. but i am worried about who will move in, it wasnt all bad, they put up with drunken birthday parties on my part and occasionally, rosie would play the piano, beautifully. it was a real pleasure to wake up late on a sunday morning to mozart drifting gently through the wall 😀


    it was an audiobook i was playing on my iphone while gardening at about 2pm….

    You are aware of this invention called headphones, aren’t you? Quite an effective method of listening to things on the move / outside without everyone else having to.


    you mean your neighbours did not want to listen to he same audio book as you at that time – how inconsiderate
    I would not have sworn but a few doors down could hear it so perhaps a tad loud


    A couple of months ago however he tried to kill his dad. He has since been issued with a restraining order and isn’t allowed anywhere near the house or his dad and the peace and quiet has been delightful.

    Need’s a secure psych ward not a custodial sentence by the sounds of it.

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    Nothing to the scale of some of the stuff up there, all I can say i detached helps a lot.

    In some Glasgow flats a couple moved in upstairs and had a house warming party, at 3am I hammered on the door to tell them to keep it down – they turned the music down and then the lights off. 10 mins later it came back on an I was knocking on the door till they answered. Very drug fuelled, suggested the party was over unless they wanted the police round.

    Round liverpool way with the Firework season.. we were watching a documentary on the Iraq war, only at the end did we realise the majority of the explosions were going on outside our house. It gave most arnie films a good run for their money (and probably cost similar)

    Shared on street parking was always a good one, the people opposite never seemed to go out in their car and parked so close that some days I had to climb round their car to get out. Had to ask them to move so I could get a washing machine in, they said there was nowhere else to park (within 30m)


    Parking wars are always rumbling on in residential streets; there’s one going on further up our street, all caused by one stupid unreasonable woman.

    The day we were supposed to sell our house and move out, there was a last-minute hitch and it was all postponed for two days. The drug dealer next door set up some speakers in his open windows and played some ghastly trance music on endless repeat all night. At about 3 am another neighbour went round to ask him to turn it off and he turned the volume up. It wasn’t until after we had moved out that I figured out that the loud music was probably meant to be a welcome for the new people who were supposed to have moved in that day.

    The terrace opposite us has been sold and refurbished and it was a shock when I learned that the buyer is a bloke with exactly the same name as the drug dealer….. went round to introduce myself and was mighty relieved to find he was at the opposite end of the spectrum of niceness and decency, a thoroughly good bloke.


    Cougar do you live next door to us? I bet thats exactly what our neighbour says.


    Can’t really complain myself after reading some of the nightmare stories here! Most I have to deal with is a yappy Jack Russell next door (ffs they come home every day at the same time, stop getting so excited!). And the other neighbours keep putting non-recycling stuff in my green bin (I’m guessing it’s their teenage son), PITA having to tip it up into the normal bin – tempted to chuck it over their driveway next time. Still, it looks like I’m getting off lightly 😉

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    Cougar do you live next door to us? I bet thats exactly what our neighbour says.


    lhs neighbours is a holiday home , so only there a few weekends of the year
    rhs neighbours have a pied a terre so only at home weekends and they are childfree windsurfers
    I own the flat below mine so any nonsence is dealt with , and the guy is pretty quiet anyway.

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    We had a number of occasions when cat mess was being thrown on our car. Our street is the very definition of quiet so this was confusing. It could only be one of three houses. It happened a few times and I washed it off, I suspected the utterly fastidious guy three doors down who washes his shed with a kitchen sponge. 😯 His garden is so OCD that I guessed he was just lobbing the cat mess into the road without a thought.

    One morning I woke up with an hangover of epic proportions, went to get something out of the car and the side of it was smeared. I lost my rag, and knocked on his door. I’m only a small fella but the bloodshot eyes, stink of booze and look of death in my face made him crack. He looked like he might cry with relief when I said I wasn’t interested in retribution just wanted it to end there and then.

    A few months later I was forced to park in front of his house because our road was having work done. His wife came and asked me to move the car, I checked it wasn’t in the way at all, it wasn’t and I said I would move it in a couple of hours when I’d finished what I was doing, there must have been 20 spaces in the road. He was pacing up and down his living room waiting for me to move my car, then he could put his in the place……from the space in front

    And that’s as bad as it’s got, apart from the football ground playing chart hits when someone scores.. 🙄

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    Where I used to live oop norf I was woken up at 2am with the neighbour being tortured over a drugs debt with his young girlfriend and toddler in the same room, I called the plod on that one..
    some people should be dropped in the sea by a helicopter with bricks in their pockets..

    You reckon that would be better than torture for getting them to pay their drugs debts? I suppose it might irritate the neighbours less.

    Given all our neighbours are lovely, the only possible conclusion is that we are the neighbours from hell in our road.

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    Samurai – your “awful awful woman” at the back is my ex-mrs, I am convinced of it! I have just gone all cold at the thought of what I used to be stuck with.

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    There’s a Telarc recording of this by Erich Kunzel & The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra, which used real cannon…

    Hehe great call, sought this out and am now happily sat here with my Grados thundering away, those cannon don’t half make you jump the first time, on my third listen now and they’re still making me giggle. I am getting funny looks from the missus though.


    am now happily sat here with my Grados thundering away

    As an aside, aren’t Grados great?!


    Apart from the house in Leeds where we had a steel back door and bars on the windows to keep the scum out, the worst neighbour issue I ever had was in Llanberis in north Wales. It all escalated from minor ASB to the point where an axe was put through the roof of my house mates van.

    I got the hell out of dodge. Life is too short to have pitched battles with douchbags who know no better.

    Turns out the house my wife and I bought has a meth-dealer living next door… The man of the house has been arrested for his crimes, but the house still seems like trouble. We are friends with the neighbor on the other side of them and have discussed burning the place down and splitting the empty lot between us so we can both have bigger gardens… Hypothetically 🙄


    Our delightful neighbour had a party tonight, the volume and voices were tolerable. Then woken up at 2.15am by music and voices, both kids woken up at 3am. Wife has verbals with the scrubber nextdoor but came to nothing. They’re stupid drunk male friend band on our door.. .. Horrid.
    House for sale anyone?


    Two ways of dealing with that.

    Keep calling the Police/council nuisance unit.

    Or go outside and ask him if drink gives him dutch courage.

    Then go round again at 7.30am. Bang on their door and ask him/them again.

    No violence needed. Just keep going round. It’ll annoy then scare them. When drunk they’ll shy away then IMO.

    Eeeeee I still remember my own drunken neighbour from hell who came at me with a golf club. It was in his doorway and he couldnt swing it. The council noise unit soon shut him up.

    Wow, some nightmare stories here, guess I’ve been lucky so far, but some recent events as in my other thread has got us thinking … neighbour recommends son to do some work for us, son turns out to be a pyscho con man, neighbours who have been great for 7 years and even told us they hope we never move and how happy they are having us next door, suddenly turn on us too with verbal and personal insults. It’s just bizarre, the son is trying to con us out of 1000’s and I think the neighbours support what he’s doing!

    My partner moved in at the beginning of the year and she hates it here, she would have prefered for both of us to start somewhere new so now when all this hassle is over we going to put our property up for sale and move somewhere better. In a strange way we feel that all this hassle has just helped us to decide to move sooner than later, we don’t feel it’s giving in just making life better for ourselves, like many have said life’s too short to be stuck with grief, I’m just glad we have the means to get away from it. It’s just going to be a bit messy getting there.


    As someone who may well be buying their first house in a few months time, this thread fills me with dread! Is there any way to get an idea of what the neighbours are gonna be like before you actually move in?!

    I was wondering that too? I did think of knocking on the neighbours doors to say hello but they might think you’re a bit odd or they would probably be civil to a stranger knocking on their door anyway, and if you ask the sellers they might be trying to get away from the neighbours so will tell you it’s all ok. You could hang around to see and hear what goes on but then people might get suspecious of you and think you’re checking the street out for other reasons. I would hope that if you move to a better area your neighbours should be better? … any other suggestions?


    My wife and I are going through the house buying (well flat actually) process now and I should really stop reading these stories :-D. But in response to above, yes knock on the neighbours door I have, in fact not only have a knocked on the the doors, I’ve taken several drive bys on different days and nights to get a feel for the area see what the parking is like etc. I also arranged viewings at different times of the day to further get an idea of whats going on, lets face it I’m spending loads of money and don’t want to end up in any of the scenarios above if I can avoid it.

    Premier Icon Ming the Merciless

    +1 for Stevepitch

    You are spending thousands, it’s got to be worth spending a few friday and sat nights visiting the prospective area


    son turns out to be a pyscho con man, neighbours who have been great for 7 years and even told us they hope we never move and how happy they are having us next door, suddenly turn on us too with verbal and personal insults. It’s just bizarre, the son is trying to con us out of 1000’s and I think the neighbours support what he’s doing!

    IME the problem with psychos is they’re very, very manipulative. A lot of people understand very little about how they operate and fall for it without any idea what’s going on…

    Read Without Conscience by Robert Hare – it’ll open your eyes…

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