Neighbours, dogs, help me out here

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  • Neighbours, dogs, help me out here
  • If you’re going to prop a board over the gap in the fence you might want to liberally soak it with bleach. Dogs can’t stand the stuff and won’t go near it – that keeps your dogs away from the hole as well. Had a neighbour whose idea of walking the dog was let it out to crap in the common close to our block. Sprayed bleach at the bottom of the stairs and at the top on her landing. result was dogshit outside her door. She got the picture.

    Have you given them anything ‘officially’/in writing? That’s where I’d start.
    Outline your concerns regarding the dog crossing into your garden and escaping from your property without your knowledge and point out that the dividing fence (that is their responsibility) is structurally unsound. Obviously don’t mention that your dog’s could easily tear the little thing to pieces.

    At the least it should show that you’ve tried to settle it neighbour-to-neighbour before escalating it (e.g. RSPCA).


    OP – I am confused about one point you made – you say their dog damaged the fence then say it was just old and rotten. So did their dog do it or not? And if their small dog could do it, wouldn’t it be conceivable that your big dogs could have done it? And if your dogs *did* do it, would you be liable for repairs?

    in order;

    the fence is old and rotten – so far gone that bits have simply dropped off from the top (at 6′ height, out of reach of claws and paws)

    their dog pushed its way through, my wife was in the garden at the time and spotted it appearing

    we have had something blocking our dogs from getting at that particular piece of fence for about 18 months now (on account of it being old and rotten)

    presumably if we (or our dogs) did break it, we would be liable, but, we didn’t


    Put a bear trap on your side of the hole in the fence, it will only come through one more time, job sorted.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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