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  • Neighbours breaching lockdown
  • Should dob my sister in law in 😂

    Had a first date just before lock down and managed a whole 2 weeks before meeting up in the park for non Social distance liaison. Then for the last couple of weeks been staying at his house Sat nights. While dropping her son off at grand parents for the night.

    My neighbours have been the same. Parents visiting regularly and then they had their entire garden re-done so builder friend over etc. Then in the last couple of weeks basically lockdown seems to have gone out the window for them. The thing that pisses me off most is that:
    a) we’ve been strictly adhering to lockdown rules so why can’t other people (but then looking at the scenes of the Dorset beaches and the Dales this weekend, I realise its not just my idiot neighbours)
    b) they’ve been posting loads of “support the NHS” type stuff on facebook. Hypocritical ****.

    On the flip side, its helped make up our minds to sell the house and have a bit of a life change so I’m just biting my lip and looking forward to getting gone.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    All my neighbours here in a small North Yorkshire town are taking it pretty seriously, but bloody hell, the TOURISTS.

    Having seen the scenes in Burnsall the other weekend and at Stainforth Force yesterday, I have to agree with you. Piles of rotting shite and double parking all the way up the lane. Poor campsite owners at Knight Stainforth having to physically barricade their entrance with farm machinery to stop people dumping their cars there.

    Lockdown has been over for a couple of weeks now.


    Our adjoining neighbours are proudly telling everyone in the road that the care home that one of them works in is C19 free.
    They haven’t really had any lock down. They’ve socialised from the beginning with other neighbours. Drunken none social distancing, having builders, family and friends around the whole time. Even having a small party. Yesterday she had loads of friends and children in the house.
    Half of our road are shocked by their behaviour (I’m not as we live next door and know what goes on), the other neighbours have been part of the problem.

    I think men are just tutting about all of this and then turn away, whereas we women are more upset seeing this inconsiderate, selfish behaviour.


    I havent seen my elderly mum since this began (we have regular whatsapp calls). She has dementia which has worsened to the extent that she doesnt recognise any of us now which is very sad, particularly for my sister who looked after here and was very close.

    My grandson was born in December and we have not seen him since this began, other than video calls etc.

    We have all respected the guidelines to the letter and I would be lying if I said I was not bitter with many of my neighbours who dont give a toss. Unfortunately this will colour my view of them indefinitely.


    That’s hard, Surfer

    My sister had cancelled her wedding, and being furloughed has had nothing to do by sit around a be frustrated by that.
    All of both my and OHs Family live in t’ north and we are daaan saaaf, so weve not seen them since February i think it is, both trying to work with no childcare support which is a bit difficult. (he says, posting on STWf, rather than working)
    my Uncles wife is in a home with dementia, and as a funeral director who is run off his feet at the moment, he’s not been allowed to see his wife since March. I dont know if thats been a curse of a blessing for him though, I think it was really hard when i could, so having the decision made for him might lighten some load.

    I figure, as long as “we” continue to distance ourselves properly, the second wave can do a number on these frustrating morons and we should be fairly safe.

    easy for me to say though: still earning, got some outside space, in very lightly affected Devon.

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    Just been chatting with a pal who returned from a sabbatical abroad in March.

    She’s started dating someone IRL including staying over. I couldn’t face asking if she is social distancing otherwise.

    She said “I feel quite strong at the moment” (this is rare as she usually moans like shit about her health)…so what could go wrong?

    Not sure it’s worth discussing, she won’t be told.

    Premier Icon eskay

    My next door neighbour had both of their sons and girlfriends over to stay last night (they don’t normally live there).

    Woman opposite has both of her elderly parents visiting (in the house regularly). They are in there now. The father can barely walk, Christ knows how he drives.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    Zero doubt in my mind that the second wave has already begun and the stats are just lagging behind.

    Trouble is that the idiots aren’t just risking their own lives but ultimately the lives of people that have tried to do the right thing.

    That makes me bloody angry to be honest.

    Premier Icon didnthurt

    Not sure how people convince themselves that what they are doing is acceptable and won’t have consequences for themselves and others. I’m sure there’s a psychological term for it (probably same thing when people won’t stop smoking or drinking too much etc despite being told that it is harming them and those around them).

    I’ve read that some experts have been shocked how easily it has been getting the whole country to essentially put themselves under house arrest. Very little trouble, no looting, no riots.

    I think sometimes that it’s just a big social experiment to see what we would actually do if they took all our freedoms away. The answer seems to be that we just go with it and grumble about it online.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    ^^Taking freedoms away?

    I would say it depends upon the reason. The majority of the population didn’t want to kill themselves or loved ones.

    Government mis-management/ Cummings unfortunately have swayed many to think that lockdown would and has solved the outbreak rather than just slow it.

    There is going to be a rude awakening.

    Premier Icon didnthurt

    The government is still going for herd immunity just not calling it this as that would be bad PR.

    There will not be a working vaccine in the next 12 months.

    Most people will get it in the next 12 months (probably find that we could already have had 50% of the population get it).

    There is a death rate of approx 3% of those who get it.

    A heartless person might say we just get back to work and forget about social distancing.

    A super cautious person would say we need to stay at home untill we have a vaccine (which might never happen)

    We’re currently doing a weird halfway house approach which will cripple our economy for a long time but still kill a significant number of people as the infection will still spread but at a slower rate.

    So the people who just carry on like they always have done will almost guaranteed have had or will have it before people who are social distancing. Whilst we all change our lives dramatically, with all the crap that comes with that, but will still get the virus at some point but just don’t know when.

    There is a logic to not social distancing but ironically most people who aren’t following the rules aren’t intelligent enough to understand the logic. They do it because they’re selfish.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Government mis-management/ Cummings unfortunately have swayed many to think that lockdown would and has solved the outbreak rather than just slow it.

    I expect that most breachers don’t think or dont care


    Not sure how people convince themselves that what they are doing is acceptable

    Pretty simple. Following instructions and example from above

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    I’m genuinely pondering if now isn’t a good time to catch it, while hospital admissions are lower than the peak, and ahead of the winter flu season, assuming some short term immunity….

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I was going to buy the Antibody test to see if we’d had it, but they then banned mail order test kits…

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    I had an “interesting” conversation with a person that posts on here the other day.
    Bumped into them on a ride and had a quick chat from a distance.
    They told me they were still working as normal. Their job involves pretty close physical contact with their clients.
    I asked what precautions they were taking and was told none.
    They then went on to tell me that “there is no virus”
    They also told me they’d set up a kind of informal pub type of meet up every night with a bunch of mates.
    I used to think they were quite intelligent…

    Premier Icon kelvin

    (probably find that we could already have had 50% of the population get it)

    It might be reassuring to think this, but it’s nonsense.

    Premier Icon dannyh

    Their job involves pretty close physical contact with their clients.

    There are some professions (old ones) where physical contact is the whole point…..😉

    Premier Icon Dickyboy

    Wasn’t the whole idea of lockdown to “flatten the curve” which I beleive has been achieved, considering pubs etc are still closed and most people are social distancing ie human to human contact must be massively down from where we started in March, so a cleaner can go round to multiple peoples houses but couples who happened to be apart at lockdown still can’t be together 🤔 me I’m happy to admit to breaking some rules.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    There are some professions (old ones) where physical contact is the whole point

    Not sure there would ever be a “happy ending”.


    Yes all this is to control the curve.
    However here in the Northwest a lot of people have decided there is no longer any form of lock down, meaning that very soon the hospitals will see a rise in C19 patients.

    For myself and nearly all my friends we are still following guidelines.
    It’s a shame that some people I know have been inconvenienced by all this (even the washing the hands bit) and have just decided it’s all too much for them and have broken most of the rules. I won’t be seeing these people until after a immunisation program has been sorted and successful (which may never happen).

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