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  • MrSalmon

    One for the Range Rover Sport(?) used to really wind me up- the one implying that driving a ridiculous car at ridiculous speeds in built-up areas was the same as skiing through trees like James Bond, as well as a bunch of other things.

    Good adverts;
    budweiser (wasssapppppppppp, Buuuudddd-weeisssss-errrrrrrr, etc)

    Bad stuff;
    bathroom freshner, (Its all gone, its all gone), your shit smells, eat more porridge and get over it.

    banks, in general.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Ocean and all the other finance organisations were the (usually) overweight simpletons remark on how “easy” it was to get money.
    Of course it’s easy you’re paying through the nose for it and will lose your house if it all goes wrong.

    Or we’ll buy your house from you whatever it’s condition, alert you won’t get market value and you’ll be homeless in 6 months.

    Premier Icon flange

    The picture loans one where he’s on the phone asking for cash

    Fatwassack to wife:’whadayya reckon, £25k?’
    Wife nods
    Fatwassack:’Yeah, 25 grand would be great. Yeah, over 40 years..really? thats so cheap’
    Fatwassack bounces round the house like he’s on the phone to his mum
    Fatwassack:’those people at picture loans are so friendly’
    Wife nods, Fatwassack pretends to hit wife in face with football.

    See kids, plunging into debt is easy….


    Yeah I hate that one, he pretends to throw the ball 2 or 3 times.


    Have you noticed how most adverts talk to the viewer as if they are either children or idiots?!

    Target audience. 😉

    Good adverts;
    budweiser (wasssapppppppppp, Buuuudddd-weeisssss-errrrrrrr, etc)

    see above. It’s a good advert because it sells, it’s bad because it appeals to ****.



    I seriously considered changing all my accounts because of Howard – I still mention my annoyance at any bank interaction. I ask if they have sacked him yet. He seems to have gone quiet recently.



    Nuff said.


    Have we covered the BT ads with that smug **** who wants to go out with the miserable hag who never smiles?
    They’re lovely 🙂

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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