needing a litigation etc solicitor north of bristol..?

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  • needing a litigation etc solicitor north of bristol..?
  • Have been quoted £200 ph basis and between £500 to :£800 for innitial consultation.

    Need one to speak to informally asap within north bristol glos area.
    How much more to spend until it gets silly…?

    £480 + emergency stay over in 6days to get to medical consultants suggests this is going to be expensive 3months.

    Need someone to post e-mail up on this here thread. I will then send some details over to then dpeak via phone if needed.

    Sincere thanks as i am in soo bloody much pain typing this on htc moby

    Thankyou once again.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Sooty to hear about your incident.

    I would suggest if you want someone to contact you you put your email address in your profile.


    I concur. All the best etc..

    Are the Niner forks still available btw?

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Try and track down bigdummy off here. He’s not a litigator, but he is a Bristol-based lawyer. He may well be able to point you to someone who can help.

    If you don’t mind them being farther afield, I can point you to some others.

    Email in profile if needed. Tom

    Have since been referred to an appropriate solicitor and have now been quoted £660 + VAT for 4 hrs consultation + her travelling time etc as I am house bound.

    Tom, if you see this, please let me know if the person you know of is available if his / her case load is not falling on him at present.

    Needed consultation as soon as tbh.

    Need to get the rock, opps I’ll be nice, ermmm ball rolling!

    Thanks Tom,

    Tim : )

    Sorted now for free, I’ll thank myself then!


    You may already have done this – check your household insurance to see if it includes legal cover?
    8 years ago we found (to our obvious delight) that we had ticked that little box that says ‘include legal cover’ – we had to sue our conveyancing solicitor. It may be you did not tick that box, or the included cover to not cover what you need but, worth checking?

    Edit – DOH – dunno how I missed your last post. Still, if it turns out you’re getting free INITIAL advice it’s still worth checking that insurance policy. That is what happened with us – after that free chat we were about to proceed with the solicitor when it was suggested we check our insurance policy first…

    Got 2 solicitors coming out asap which should of cost £1600 including vat that is for a few hrs or so needed.
    House insurance irrelavant as I rent as is motor vehicle legal cover as this is tricky as it was a rta due to faulty motorcycle.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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