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  • Need to reroute brake lines through handlebar without rebleed
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    New handlebar on the road bike and want to route the cables through the bar. I’ve swapped cables before without bleeding (by being very careful), however I’m assuming as soon as I try to route the cable through the bar it’ll leak fluid. Is there a plug or the like that you can use to stop this happening, or will I just have to rebleed?

    And even if I do rebleed I’d rather not be covering the inside of my carbon bars in brake fluid

    Is this possible?

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    New Shimano brakes come with what looks like Tipp-Ex over the “open” end of the brake hose. You could try something similar though I’d still be very surprised/delighted if it all worked without leakage or the requirement for a bleed.

    Or remove the olive and fit a small screw into the open end. Cut this bit of hose before refitting a new barb.

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    Also need to check whether the hole in the handlebar will take the existing HOSE with the olive on.You might need to get new olives?

    In theory, you might lose a drop or 2, but not enough that will require a re-bleed, maybe just a little top up if that.

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    I would always rebleed. It’s very unlikely that you can disconnect and reconnect without getting at least a bit of air in. It may not be noticeable immediately, because the air will probably find its way up into the reservoir, but you’ll probably find that as the pads wear, the air starts finding its way into the line.

    Maybe just using cling film and a bit of tape to avoid fluid dripping into the handlebars.

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    Cheers folks, sounds like a rebleed is required. Good call re the cling film and tape idea!👍

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