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  • Need some help/tell me what to do. Old pike content.
  • I have a set of old pike 454 dual air u turn140 -110 alloy steerer…. I need a set of 100mm 20mm bolt through forks.

    Loco can help me do this, but its going to cost £70 for the bits to do this plus whatever it costs me to have the bits installed.

    before I bite the bullet and order the bits from loco does anyone want to swap my pike for your fork?


    I’d just wind them down to 110mm. 10mm difference isn’t going to matter.

    thats what I’m doing currently, You’re probably right.


    what you want is a set of revelation QR airs.

    Swap lowers

    I think thats what I’d end up with effectively if I let loco do the conversion he was on about.

    so I have found some 2010 revs with 20mm axle, but they are set to 140mm, can i drop this to 100mm???

    Yes. Cut a 40mm piece of 12mm waste pipe and put it in between the rebound piston and the seal head in the bottom of the stanchion.

    Have you done something similar troutwrestler? Do you know this works?


    tbh for 10 mm I would not be getting new forks
    Pikes are awesome still though heavy- still using mine on the big bike

    Yes. I have “custom spaced”* the travel on a number of forks. I have a pair of shortened Pike 454s running a Revelation Dual Position Air spring in the wrong leg – all to do with casting thickness at the base of the lower – These are spaced down to run at 100mm/130mm instead of 120mm/150mm.

    I think that with care you could shorten yout U-turns to 100-130mm travel, but you really want to make sure that you don’t scratch the inside of the air tube.

    And in a correction to my above post, the spacer should be on the spring side, not the rebound assembly.

    TBH, if you’re not confident/ prepared to open the forks up and have a go, I’d stick at 110mm as has been suggested above.



    What are you up to tomorrow afternoon dude? Do you want to see how my BFe feels with the coil pikes at 95/100mm?

    probably going that little pump track in shepshed or kinver… not too sure yet. But that sounds like it could be a go-er, although I want to try them on the bike I’m going to be riding it on really and thats a major faff.

    how much can i space down A RS revelation from 2010? they have 20mm lowers.


    It would be a bit of a faf but apart from the stem length it will handle the same. We are probably heading over to the trails at sandwell on Tuesday night if you fancy joining us. There are some brilliant berms and a couple of jumps that should be great on the BFe.

    yeah I’ve been up the sandwell loops a few times… its ok I thought the pump track was bobbins though.

    still have no lights and may well be going redditch bmx track.

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