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  • Need new road tyres, like Ultremo's but not
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    Evening all, I need a new pair of road tyres, I like Schwalbe Ultremo’s but the last 2 pairs have cracked on the edge of the central tread. Whilst both have been replaced under warranty I don’t really want the hassle again.

    So, what else is like an Ultremo’s but won’t crack? I have used Conti GP4000s in the past and not really liked them so please don’t suggest those! I’m thinking maybe Michelin Pro 3/4’s or something from Vittoria maybe?

    Any ideas folks?

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    I ran Rubino Pro 3s for years on the posh bike, but got a good deal on some Michelin Pro 4s and have to say I’m impressed. I’ve probably only done a little over a hundred miles on them so far, but they feel nice. Can’t really describe it, but grippier, fast, maybe even a little more forgiving. I’d not planned to run them as early in the year as I have ended up doing, so given the state of the roads, they don’t seem to have cut or anything yet either. As I say – I’m impressed so far… I don’t expect them to last as well as the Rubinos but time will tell.


    i have used Vredestein Fortezza Tri- Comps and michelin pro 3’s both nice tyres, currently using a set of Conti Ultrasports, they were the only tyre in Halfords when i managed to delaminate the tread of the previous set. (that i managed to get the tread to delam is not a fault of the tyre, more the mileage i do and the unwillingness to replace kit) DO NOT USE THEM IF YOU LIKE CORNERS!!!

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    Bump for the day time people.

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