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  • Need advice on fixing Canon EOS flash
  • Premier Icon Holmesey

    Anyone stripped down the pop-up flash on an EOS? mine is 400D
    flash pops up, but doesn’t fire. After googling it, someone else suggested a broken connection in the hinge and this was confirmed by half depressing the flash which does fire.
    Am happy tinkering, soldering, but just want to check if anyone has tried. (You know that sinking feeling when the small, no-no touchy, impossible spring pings out across the room?)
    If I take it in, it will be a couple of hundred quid,
    any thoughts?

    cheers Holmesey

    don simon

    Had the same on the EOS20d and did some reading (Googling) and came to the conclusion that it was job for the professionals as some said it was a quick soldering job while others said it was almost a complete overhaul. The cost wasn’t too bad if I remember correctly, only about 100€.

    Tijuana Taxi

    Canon at Elstree do a fixed fee repair of 153 quid which includes a service and sensor clean.

    Just had a new PCB in my 40D, they also removed a few bits on the focus screen which didn’t affect the pictures, but were very annoying in the viewfinder.

    Sensor looks nice and clean too, so all in all pleased with their work along with a quick turnround time

    Just got to decide if your camera is worth spending that much on or is it a good excuse to get a new one. Although mine has done close on 70,000 clicks would still have been at least double that to buy a similar secondhand one


    If you don’t already have one I’d consider buying an external flash. Check it works first in the shop. It’d be better than a built in one and saves splashing the cash

    Premier Icon Holmesey

    nice one. cheers for the top tips

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