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  • Need a PC Geek
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    Ok, I have a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo P PC and it was working fine yesterday.

    Tried to switch it on this morning and it’s not booting up. The lights are coming on but it looks like the little men inside are not at home.

    Have tried switching off and on again but it’s just lighting up and not actually booting up. It then turns itself off after about five mins.

    The monitor is saying no signal recieved.

    Can anyone help? Stupidly I have plenty of stuff on there that isn’t backed up anywhere else.

    Thanks for any help


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    Have you tried the HDD in another machine?

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    My guess would be the motherboard or its dirty and some cables have come disconnected or something (happened to my pc, just opened it and checked the wires)

    If the hard drive was broken, it would boot to the BIOS and ask for a bootable disc.
    If it was the PSU, the lights wouldn’t come on at all.

    Good news is your data should be ok.
    I would either
    1. take it to a computer shop and get it fixed
    2. buy a new computer and swap some bits over inc the HDD
    3. buy a new motherboard and fix it yourself, maybe 2nd hand off ebay or something. you’d need to confirm whats definitely wrong though.

    i’d reccomend number 1. but if its really old they might not be able to fix it. 3 would be cheapest.

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    PSU is another possibility some times they die slowly reducing how much power they can chuck out.

    But it does sound more like motherboard is not well.

    If you like getting your eyes ripped out take to a PC repair shop, if not ask around work they’ll be someone that knows something about computers who may be willing to help.

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    Being serious; do you have any nudey pics or flicks on yer HD? Any ‘holiday’ snaps of the other half?

    Because anyone who checks out your machine, will be able to view them. If you don’t want this happening, either be right with them, when they are doing the work, or remove the HD, stick it in an external HD ‘caddy’, and take all the ‘private’ stuff off, first. Bear in mind that your internets history can reveal your ‘browsing patterns’, too.

    Not for a moment suggesting that you use your PC to look at disgusting filth/distribute terrorist material, but I’ve known one or two people who’ve been a little embarrassed, following similar cases, so be warned!

    Don’t keep owt naughty on your HD, store on disc/memory stick instead, and delete yer internet cache/cookies/history.

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    check that monitor cable is plugged in securely
    when you turn it on – does it beep? beeping is a kind of error message, useful when monitors don’t work – the number of beeps (eg four long one short) will give a clue as to what the problem is.

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    I know but I aint a geek so can’t help sorry

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    Have tried switching off and on again

    LOL as brits as it gets 😉

    If I were you I’d
    try to load the bios/boot setup.
    try the HHD in another laptop.
    try to plug another screen.
    try to boot it with no HDD and no ram (so you’ll only get the bios).
    If the HDD is fine and you can’t get a picture on the external screen, then it’s likely that you mother board has died.

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    Thanks for the help, I’ll have a look inside tonight and see if it looks manky or anything is obviously knackered. Anything I should look out for?

    Thanks for the advice about removing HD but I wouldnt know one from an X0 rear mech. Thankfully no smut on PC, I come here to look at bike & A/A porn instead.

    It doesnt Beep at all when it’s turned on (oo er). Does that mean anything?


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    It doesnt Beep at all when it’s turned on (oo er). Does that mean anything?

    Bad news…

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    Probably just one of the rails gone down on your PSU, does the back of the box whine at all when its on? Do any of the fans work (feel carefully for the fan at the back of the power supply).

    If you dont know your HDD from your X0s then its really pointless diagnosing it as you’re going to take it to someone to fix anyway?

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    A HDD

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