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    You can get same day turn around if you’re prepared to pay for it. I’ve done that when I needed a second passport at short notice and my other one was off somewhere getting a Visa.

    Pre fill t application form online and they send you a printed form to endorse
    Use check and send at the post office

    Did that for our wee man and his first passport was back in 3 days from submitting the check and send!

    Hopefully renewals will be as quick.


    Apply online, forms come back to you, sign them, send them off, passport comes back in around 7 days

    Took about 10 days in total just done my wife’s and my sons.


    The post office do a fast track service, they check it to make sure its all in order and send it for you.
    Mine only took about a week.


    If you live in the south, go get one in London. I got mine same day last time I needed one.

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    Same day service. Avoid the worry about getting it back.


    What’s my best option, ta.

    Edit; the routine way says if you are traveling in four weeks go for the check and collect.
    I know I need it in a hurry, but do I really need to pay more to have someone check. Seems like money for old rope, I just want another one of what I’ve got already!

    Edit; it’s cheaper than I was told


    Do it online, get forms in post, but bloody well avoid the post office, they are a pita.


    If you are in London go down to the Emergency Passport Office. They do it there an then – but it costs …


    Get yersen up to the dump that is Peterborough (as close for you as London without the volume/grief) or pay the Post Office for the fast track service. Easy peasy.

    I got one, first passport, for Little Miss CFH in about two weeks, standard postal fast track service via post. No need to go to the office, which is just up the road!

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    This time last year we renewed my wife’s, including changing from her maiden name, and at same time got daughters first passport
    Used the normal route, no check and collect, fast track etc
    We expected problems doing both at same time but everything was back within 3 weeks


    Fast track Post Office. Will be back within two weeks. You have plenty of time.

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    My daughter just got a replacement – took about 3 days – she went to passport office (had an appointment), they checked forms etc then posted it back. That’s probably overkill for you price wise, I think it was £75

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    If you live in the south, go get one in London

    There are passport offices in the provinces too.


    I did mine a couple of weeks ago via the Post Office checking service. The new passport was received within 10 days.


    Ring the number that you’re supposed to use to book an appointment and ask what the current turn around time is.

    3 months ago I was panicing as I needed a passport for mini-g in 5 weeks time, when I called to book an appt they told me they were getting passports out in 2 weeks so to use the Post Office check and send, sure enough, 2 weeks later there it was


    I’m off to Newport on Friday to get my son a new passport as we just realised that his runs out two days into our holiday in 10 days…

    I’m wondering if I can fit in a ride at Cwm Carn in the four hours it’ll take for it to be ready…


    craigxxl – Member
    I did mine a couple of weeks ago via the Post Office checking service. The new passport was received within 10 days.

    This is all you need, I got my renewal back in no time at all. The checking service is def worth the money imo.

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    Got my passport sorted in a day at Newport and have to say the service was brilliant. I think at most I had to wait 30 seconds to be seen on both occasions, hand in the application form and pick up the passport. I thought it was going to be hell on earth. Should easily be able to get a ride in at Cwm Carn

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