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  • Need a new mobile provider.
  • Premier Icon dirkpitt74
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    Currently with Virgin who over the last few months have got dire.
    Seem to spend more time with no coverage or crap call quality.
    I know they piggyback EE but guessing they use the old kit……

    We all have decent handsets so looking for SIM only deals.

    Live in the Midlands and regularly go to Wales – so need coverage in those areas.

    Had thought about Three which looks pretty good but don’t know anyone on that network.

    Premier Icon Drac
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    I’m with Three they don’t have quite as good coverage as EE but it’s very good and unlimited data for £20.

    Premier Icon cp
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    Plusnet here – so ee. Coverage identical to work phone on ee.

    I’ve been impressed by coverage, reliability and 4g speeds.

    Premier Icon boombang
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    If moved house or job I have always got hold of a range of PAYG simcards to check which network does the job best – then switch that onto a suitable contract.

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    No idea which network underpins them, but I spotted this deal the other day and it looks hard to beat.

    [EDIT: it’s Three.]

    Premier Icon MarkyG82
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    I’m on smarty and apart from lack of US roaming it’s been fine. Particularly like the payback on next month’s bill when not using all the data.

    Premier Icon oldtennisshoes
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    Been with Three for 10 years at 2 houses, and it’s hard to fault their service.
    The guys in the local shop are very good which makes a difference to me.
    Just switched to business tariffs through my limited co for even keener pricing.

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    Happy enough with Plusnet over the last 3 years that the wife came over to join me this year.

    Think she got 20G unlimited text and unlimited calls for £10

    Premier Icon dove1
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    Three here. Been with them for about 12 years and no complaints. Went with them originally as they were the only network that had coverage in West Wales where my parents live and North Wales where my wife’s mum lives.

    Premier Icon Tiger6791
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    Recently changed to giffgaff from EE and I’m impressed. Didn’t realise how bad EE was until I moved.

    Impressed with giffgaff so far as they keep telling me to pay less 👍👍

    Premier Icon easily
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    I agree about giffgaff, and they don’t foist contracts on you either, so you can stop paying whenever you want.
    I believe they piggyback on O2, so coverage shouldn’t be a problem.

    Premier Icon timmys
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    In the process of moving away from Three after many years – going to try iD mobile. I was paying £12 for 4Gb on Three which was running out occasionally – which used to be fine as I could buy a £5 bolt-on as needed to double my allowance for that month. They seem to have scrapped that now though. I would have had to go up to £19 per month to increase my data allowance.

    Have gone with iD as they seemed to be the only one of the cheaper companies that do WiFi calling, which is essential for me to get calls at work. Paying £13 for 6Gb, but usefully they carry over unused data to the next month so it would be a case of most months using ~4Gb, but having 8Gb in hand for heavy months. Only thing that I can see I loose compared to Three is free roaming outside of the EU.

    Would have tried Smarty if they did WiFi calling.

    Premier Icon jim25
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    I’ve just at the coverage on the smarty website and it doesn’t look very good for someone who moves around the country alot, has lots of non coverage shown on their map

    Premier Icon timmys
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    Smarty use the Three network. I’ve always found their coverage to be perfectly good.

    Premier Icon swedishmetal
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    I tried 3 on recommendation once and I found the coverage where I was to be pretty poor whereas EE is generally excellent and always seems to find a signal even if a low signal.
    My work phone is Vodaphone and it’s generally terrible, but does very occasionally have a signal when my EE doesn’t so it goes to show it depends where you live and spend most time.

    Phone make and model can make a difference too – I’ve always had iPhones but can testify that I remember getting a better signal with my XR than my previous 7. I have 2 work phones – an old Nokia and an iPhone and the iPhone does get a better signal. Not saying iPhones are better than others signal wise but newer phones do tend to be better in my experience.

    If you don’t have a landline (or aren’t plugged into it like me) then a provider that does WiFi calling is great – I’ve got a decent mobile signal in my new house but the last house was terrible but the WiFi calling made it perfect, worth thinking about.

    Premier Icon DezB
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    use the vodfone nw, i think. Great customer service.

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
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    I couldn’t say if this is the best deal for Three network, but it looks interesting to me, unlimited data/calls/texts prepaid for 3 months if I understand the deal correctly… £51.50, ~£17.17pcm (which is better than the 12- or 24- month unlimted Three contracts last time I looked).

    Thinking about buying above myself to replace the soon to be out of contract Plusnet landline BB, ditching landline phone and landland BB, putting SIM in either a router or a cheap Wi-fi hotspot 4G mobile such as the Nokia “banana”

    Don’t forget to check Topcashback and Quidco for your Amazon purchases, on both these days (but more awkward to select correct genre than most websites)!

    Premier Icon belfastflyer
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    I’m on 3 and think they are good, however smarty has better deals (3’s virtual network, like voxi to vodafone) so check out their boxing day sales.

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