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  • Need a new hydration pack. Whats the best out there these days?
  • My Camelback something-or-other is rapidly reaching the end of its life and for the cost of a new bladder I figure I may as well just treat myself to a new pack. Would be nice to have something with a 3L bladder and quite a bit of space for sarnies and cake.

    Stupid colours considered but will probably want something a little more muted in colour…



    Had no problems with my Osprey Raptor 14. One downside is that it doesn’t have any way to carry a full face.

    Another vote for Osprey here. Mine’s a nicely muted gray colorway, too. (sic)

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    Just been through this myself and opted for an Evoc FR Enduro. I probably don’t “need” the built in CE certified back protector but with the falls I’ve had in the last couple of years it felt like a nice safety net.

    That aside it’s a wide and long sack, but not deep (I always prefer a bigger pack with extra room than a smaller sack stuffed to the gills). The tool organisation is good, there’s plenty of space to strap things on and it has a very comfy wide waist belt. You can get it in black too ๐Ÿ˜€ No bladder, but I had one already. Not cheap tho’

    I had a look at an Osprey Raptor 10 which impressed me with the “everything in its place” design, but didn’t leave much room for when you want to take a layer off.


    I’ve just got myself a Evoc Freeride Enduro which i have to say is bloody brilliant!Having the built in back protector just makes sense to me,yes its expensive and doesn’t come with a bladder but at least you can fit your favorite.

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    Osprey! Any of the new packs are fantastic. Actually the old ones were fantastic, the new ones are fantasticer! I have an escapist, raptor and zealot. The new zealot is perfect for me, it’s big and has loads of “outside space” which is something the osprey packs were sometimes short of. I regularly go with my bag full of trail building tools, beer, tripod and SLR and its easy.

    Just to be totally transparent, they gave me some packs for this year. That hasn’t affected what I wrote up there ^^ but I thought I should say. They gave me them because I wrote to them to say how fantastic their packs were ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just to add a little more Osprey love…

    They’re also a very, very ‘good’ company, especially with regards to their manufacturing and supply chain. Good people.

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    Quite fancied an Osprey Zealot pack, but was put off by the Santa Cruz V10 graphics since I wanted to use it for skiing too.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Whatever camelbak make in the size you need.

    Used several of them for years and they have been faultless.

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    My Camelback has been great, it has an expanding main section which is very useful, small for most rides and large for when I need to carry waterproof. Only negative is it doesn’t have straps for attaching leg/arm armour but I only need that in Alps. The backprotectors above sound interesting, ive found the camelback has saved me a few times, as it’s usually got water / stuff in it it’s offered reasonable protection for the “tuck and roll dismount”

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    I have nothing bad to say about my Dakine Nomad.

    Comfy, organisationally super, tough as old boots.


    Been very, pleased with my Evoc Freeride Enduro, I probably wouldn’t wear a spine protector as I don’t ride hard enough, but when it’s effectively “free” (in other words I don’t have to consciously put it on) it seems a no-brainer.

    I also use a hydrapak soquel, if I’m just going for a shorter blast, carry enough “essentials” and plenty of fluids.

    Anything that uses Hydrapak bladders is good IMHO, so easy to clean and dry.


    So bloody pricey though all of them. I bet mbr etc have given a 80quid one their ‘value’ award.


    Evoc for me

    Just gone from a MULE to a Osprey Raptor 10. I much prefer it, loads of little features that all add up to a very comfy and easy to use pack. Great non-sausagey bladder that’s easy to remove too. Camelbak quick connector just leaves a leaky hose still in the pack.

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    Orbea, self proclaimed best hydration pack going. Or more realistically the Osprey that meets your requirement, the stiffer back is more comfortable than camelback in my opinion.

    Cheers all. Sounds like the Osprey is well worth checking out then – I’ll have a look…


    Osprey all the way. I’ve got a viper 13 and its great. Loads of nice little design touches, really impressed with it

    Premier Icon vondally

    I can heartily recommend

    Osprey new and old have a raptor and that is very good. have an eclipse snowboard/ski mountaineer pack and it is well used but looks excellent

    Ergon bd1 with the flexi ball joint, appears heavy but all weight carried on the hips and it is really excellent

    returned to wingnut hyper 2.0 looks like a overgrown bum bag but once set up excellent and has the same capacity as larger packs allows your back to breath

    I have a really dislike for camelbacks older ones to high on my back and unstable, newer ones not robust enough for me……….

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    I’d love to have tried more but my previous camelback lasted 7 years till one of the main zips finally died (apart from that I still use it occasionally) so I replaced it with the Mule NV and it’s great. Got a 2l cabelback with enough room for a bar, tool, tube and pump for short rides too.


    I know this goes against convention but the ‘raid’ types that they sell at decathlon for the price are great. I’ve had the medium size one now for 3+ years. The fact it cost less than more well known brands bladders (which is included) it also has side pockets round the waist straps that fit tubes tools and snacks in so you don’t need to take the bloody thing off to find owt. Mind you the fact it was three years ago when I got it they may not do them now!
    I got the smaller one that they don’t seem to do anymore….
    Baggy linky thingy


    duffle looking at your link- the inside of the backpack looks like its barrel-shaped. Not good as it’ll roll round your back etc if full bladder and kit in.


    Hora, if the pack is crammed full (as the pic with packing) then yeah but as a daypack with only essentials its been fine and hugs your back and for ยฃ20(19l version)…….then again maybe that just the yorkshire in me!! I loves a bargain


    After 12 years or so of owning Camelbaks I honestly wouldn’t buy another brand – their customer service is excellent and they always live up to their lifetime warranty.

    I had a 9 y/o camelbak that the zip went on (probably from packing it ridiculously full) and they replaced with a whole new backpack! Bladder from the original pack where the lid leaked and they replaced the lid section with new O-rings etc., now working perfectly. Happy customer!

    Premier Icon madxela

    +1 osprey


    I’m not the OP but having read other threads I’ve decided to pull the trigger on a Evoc CC 10L.
    Looks like a super bit of kit, anyone own one?

    Premier Icon fathomer

    This thread has almost convinced me I need an Osprey Raptor, been trying to decide between a Raptor and Camelbak Volt, maybe decision made ๐Ÿ˜€

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I’m not the OP but having read other threads I’ve decided to pull the trigger on a Evoc CC 10L.
    Looks like a super bit of kit, anyone own one?

    No, but I did have a good look at one before settling on an Evoc FR Enduro. The CC 10L was a cracking looking little bag but was way too small for my needs. If you’re a pump, tube and water kind of person it will no doubt do the job. Trying to fit a first aid kit, map, food and even the smallest bit of spare kit in there is a squeeze to say the least.


    have the Evoc FrยดR 20ltr because i’m gnarrcore and usually end up carrying 1st aid kit and mmost of the GFs stuff on long climbs.

    don’t know how much the protector does over another pack with a stiff back (my old Camelbak Mule had a tough plastic insert that, IMO, would also help prevent anything sharp stabbing you).

    the Evoc is well made and well thought out. not much in the way of ventilation, but i’m a sweaty bastid at the best of times. pack feels very secure and doesn’t slip about… probably due to the large waist tingmys.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    The CC 10L was a cracking looking little bag but was way too small for my needs. If you’re a pump, tube and water kind of person it will no doubt do the job. Trying to fit a first aid kit, map, food and even the smallest bit of spare kit in there is a squeeze to say the least

    what do you carry? i’ve just got one and it seems massive compared to the dakine session i’ve just retired.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    This is what I like to carry on all but my quick local rides:

    – Water (up to 3L)
    – Pump
    – Tube
    – Multi-tool
    – Little plastic box of spare links, tubeless repair stuff etc
    – Crunchy bar/snack
    – Phone
    – First aid kit

    The Raptor 10 fitted this stuff in really nicely, but didn’t leave an awful lot of room inside or out for stowing your top if you get too hot or packing some sarnies. The Evoc CC 10L was bordering on too small even for this little lot and certainly wasn’t as well thought out as the Raptor.

    If it’s a “proper” ride I’ll also consider taking:
    – Sandwich
    – Hip flask
    – Map
    – Hat
    – Spare gloves
    – Extra top
    – Shock pump
    – Blinkie lights
    – Elbow pads

    Since I didn’t really want different bags for different rides I decided the Raptor 10 was too small. A really lovely design but not enough “spare space” for stuffing extraneous clothes into. The Evoc FR Enduro is a huge (long) looking bag but has a slim design so doesn’t feel big when on.


    Ahh balls, now I’m confused again.
    I intended using the Evoc CC for some gravity enduro races, you’re making me think it won’t fit all I need.

    More research needed, I’ll need a bigger teapot for tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I ordered a few different ones online then sent back the ones that weren’t suitable. The CC 10L was the first in the reject pile.


    Anyone use the shimano unzen?


    I bought the Evoc CC 10L after this thread and some research and I’m delighted with it. Super little bag and it’s huge for 10L. I’ve been a climber and backpacker for years so maybe I’m use to packing well but I could do a summer overnight with a bag this size ๐Ÿ˜€

    It’s more than enough for me and my spins. I generally carry the following and it all fits comfortably with spare room.

    -Water 2L platypus
    -Shock pump
    -mini pump
    -car key
    -rain jacket (light mountain hardwear jacket)
    -snack bar
    I haven’t been out long enough to bring a sandwich yet but it will fit with space still available.

    I bought this one in blue as it was the cheapest including delivery to Ireland.

    So far so good.

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    Recently bought a Camelbak Octane 22LR.

    Very reasonably priced from Wiggle.

    Main reason for buying it was the largish size and the lumbar reservoir.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Sparrowcar I applaud your packing skills. I carry similar to you, although an extra 1l of drink for long days and a small first aid kit. I really struggled with the 10l Evoc. No room for taking – and stowing – a layer and certainly no room for (unsquashed) sarnies

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    It’s interesting to see stw fashions change. What, 18 months ago, wingnut was the pack of choice on here.

    I still really rate both of mine. Sometimes I carry a lot of “group” kit so being able to have the weight on my hips rather than shoulders feels much better on long rides.

    Premier Icon ratadog

    Used the Evoc 16l for 2 years now. Had been using a North Face pack up until then which was about the same size as the 10l Evoc so knew that would be too restricting. 16l has been great, well built, adaptable fit, well organised. Didn’t come with a bladder but I had bladders already so saw that as an advantage.

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